Boy Abunda and Vicky Belo issue

What is it with Boy Abunda, Vicky Belo, and Manny Calayan?

I mean, they're all big figures in the Philippine Industry especially in show business. The Buzz, SNN, Shobiz Central, they are all just repeating the same issue over and over. It's like the whole issue is just to endorse the three of them, to make their names ring all over the place.

Belo said (maybe not exactly like this), "If you want to look like Dingdong Dantes, go to Belo. But if you want to look like Boy Abunda, go to Calayan"

Wow, what a choice of words... @_@

I know and i agree that it would really be insulting if someone told you what Dr. Belo had aired in a specific T.V. interview. Who would have thought she could say that on-air targeting his old friend? And now she tries to apologies by means of a text message.

I've watched Boy Abunda cried on SNN the other day. I mean his right, Belo is so mean. Why would she say such a message like that on-air? Doesn't she realize what she's doing? In tagalog terms, that is called "paninirang-puri". And I think Boy can sue her for that. But maybe that's going too far. It reminded me of Piolo and Sam being labeled on as GAY buy Lolit Solis.

Hmmm.... I don't know but for me, the whole thing is not convincing. They even have a poll now, stating: Who would you prefer to go now: Dr. Belo, Dr. Calayan, or none? I mean, What's with the poll? Is this the result of the grudge against Belo that they want to prove Calayan will have more clients from now on because of what happened? How childish is that? I know childish because somehow I'm also childish in a way, but this? Or should I say it's really SHOWBIZ and we couldn't do anything about it anymore because that's how they run their industry.

What is that? I don't want to say that they're whole act is a fake, but just to be safe and just for my own opinion I'm saying I'm NOT CONVINCED...

ABS-CBN cost cutting with Multiply.com??

Well, I'm not actually sure of this and it's something I really want to find out. Hmmm... I was watching T.V. and was tuned in to ABS-CBN. Before the commercial of the show I was watching, there was a small caption below the screen, "ilovebettylafea.multiply.com", or something like that. And I said, are they short on website budgets? Why use a blogsite for a high-rated T.V. show website?

I recall there is also another show that uses this blogsite as their website. With all due respect to Multiply.com, they are not my concern. In fact it is a good blogsite and they have good features that are very easy to use. Actually, I too, have an account on that site: ashkenazz.multiply.com.

I was just still wondering why a big company or corporation or whatsoever here in the Philippines would use a FREE blogsite to serve as their website. Well, I'm not yet really sure if it is their official website. But I posted the title of this site as a status in my Yahoo Messenger, and some friends reacted and said, "oh yeah, I noticed it, too..."

Well, surprisingly a friend of mine said almost all of the show she's watching in ABS-CBN had this blogsite-website thing. And then she asked me, "Is it also hapenning with GMA7?". Then I told her, "Well, that's what I want to find out" ^_^

But, really... Are they on low budget or something?? I'm curious about it...


OzineFest 2009

I really do think I'm already old for this, but it really encourages me to portray a character on the COSPLAY. Hmmm, my girlfriend says she wants to portray Robin Sena on the scene... Hmmm I said, that's cool. She's still young and I think she can still push it through. ^_^

I said, it was my goal to buy myself the akatsuki's trench coat since they appeared on the screen. Actually I'm a Naruto fan, and akatsuki made a good impact in the naruto series that's why I like them. And they're style is somewhat amazing. I'm not a teenager anymore but if I'm given the chance to wear this outfit, I would really want to portray PAIN, the akatsuki leader. I don't look much like him but there are certain reasons why his the character I'm portraying if ever... ^_^

Just got an Invitation

My cousin came by today and he immediately handed over a double fold sort of letter-of-invitation. Hmmm... looks like something... I took it and read the message and it says:

"Hey Ninong Mark/Ninang Camille join me on my trip to JOLLITOWN. I'm turning 1 year old . Make my birthday wish come true."

Awww even though I know it's just a template and my cousin filled it out, it's still cute and it really put a smile on my face. And that's really touching 'cause I've been frowning all day long!

And I think I will regret it if I won't be able to attend this event. Actually, he's my favorite nephew and godson.

From Manda to Dasma and Vice-Versa

I just got back to Mandaluyong from Dasmarinas, Cavite. I went there yesterday out of frustration here in Mandaluyong but I never thought I would experience even more frustration on my stay there.

We were all eating breakfast together in one table, me and my parents. It's already history that we talk about things in front of the table while eating. Suddenly while we were having the conversation on a good mood, my mother started asking about my studies. Well, I just told them what I had to say and what they needed to hear, the truth. I thought that was a good idea. I disregarded the thought of - them not understanding me. And so it happened. They begin to argue about my studies, about how I do things in school, and about what things I need in order for me to study well. What they didn't know is that they're just making me feel worse than ever.

I felt more ashamed of myself and had this big pressure coming down on me again. I thought I can have my vacation there that's why I left Manila, but then I just fail myself again, or whatever. When can I have peace? When I'm dead maybe.

I left them and went upstairs. I don't know what to say. I just burst into tears and started to make myself feel unpleasant... And you'll never really wanna know what I was thinking at that moment.

Whoa my blog is full of frustration already @_@

Karma going down

My plurk karma is going down and I can't do anything about it. And it sucks!


My Religious City

I just got out of my cave a while ago and suddenly I just realized that what an old man had said eight years before was actually true. Yes, he did told me that people from the city where I just moved in are definitely religious in all aspect. And one thing that he sighted was that the churches, different churches, especially the catholic church is always filled with people every sunday and even everyday as it counts.

I noticed this when I went out to buy something from a store near two different church in my street. The Aglipayan Church and the Catholic Church. When I saw many people going in and out of these buildings, I suddenly realize what day it is. It's sunday and people are busy going to their respective parish church.

Then it made me think that, oh it is true that the people in my city, Mandaluyong City, are really devoted to religious life. And I just come to think of it, it seems like I'm the only person who does not go to church every sunday anymore (except for my brother and his girlfriend who are actually "the devil's children" when they fight, and for my cousin who had married a born again christian).

It's really hard to think now, that I consider myself as a die-hard and sacred Roman Catholic disciple. I don't even pray anymore when I sleep. I don't pray before I eat, I don't pray... literally I don't pray. I only pray when I want something, or is it when I just remembered I have to pray?

I don't even go to mass anymore, even sunday mass which is an obligation for us catholics. And now I keep on telling myself that my prayers are not being answered. Maybe because I'm just complaining around and not doing anything.

Oh, I really wonder when I will be able to go to mass again...


Mozilla Firefox PLURK Sidebar


I'm not really yet into this, it's just that I came across on a blog that has this post about the Firefox add-on. If you are a PLURK user, then it's a way to ease up your posts, responses, and your updates, and many more... I will advertise his journal 'cause I don't want to repeat the whole process over again on this one.


*NOTE: You can also download the add-on file from this blog, there is a direct link to the download site. Thank you for reading my blog ^_^

Plurk PLURK Plurk

I am now a Plurk user...

For quite sometime I've managed to gather some of my old friends back through this new type of scheme. It's more like a post-it website. You post what you want, need, do, say, etc...

I'm not yet well aware of the features of this site, though I think I'm also starting to like it. There are these KARMA points that you gain in exchange for things that you may want to have in your profile, like additional smileys (which are actually cute and funny), and some other more.

I first learned this from my girl, then suddenly i just got so amazed more of my friends are actually using it. Hmmm, might be interesting. She immediately send me her invitation. (She said it's for her additional smileys).

Oh well, there, I finally experienced the feeling of being in the PLURK world. And all I can say is.... it's cute, and nice, and something new... ^_^

You should try it...
search for me "ashkenazz" and add me as friend, 'cause I only have a few...
or let me invite you PLURK INVITE CLICK HERE


Story of The Disabled Man

Story of the Disabled Man

This is the story of the disabled man. He lived his life for quite some years in his wheelchair. He was deaf and mute at the same time. His limbs were so weak he couldn’t move a muscle, and he has been having his therapy for the longest time.

One day the disabled man had his only grandchild celebrating its birthday. The old man decided to give his favorite toy when he was a child as a gift. But the toy was locked in his old room up the second floor.

He wanted to give the toy badly to his grandchild so he asked for help. A visitor passed by and so the disabled man shouted and said, “Hey there, can you help me get up the stairs please”. But he was mute so the visitor couldn’t understand what was coming out of his mouth. The visitor tried to talk to him but the disabled man couldn’t hear him because he was also deaf. So the visitor said, “I’m sorry, I did the best I could to talk to you but we just can’t make a connection possible.”

The disabled man was disappointed and sad at the same time. He wanted to get the toy badly so he continued on calling for help. His son came by and so he tried to communicate with the father of his grandchild. “Can you please help me get up the stairs, I have something very important to give to your son”, the old man said. The son understood a bit of what his father was trying to convey, but still it wasn’t clear enough. So the old disabled man tried to tell him some more until his son understood everything he tried to convey. As soon as the son realized what his father was trying to say, he immediately said, “No dad! Of course not! You can’t go up there. It’s too dangerous. You just have to accept that you can’t walk.” The son told this to his father in a manner he would understand clearly.

The old man was again disappointed because of what his son had just told him. He was hurt. The next one to come by was his daughter-in-law. His daughter-in-law was the one who took care of him ever since he got his limbs useless. He thought maybe she could understand and help him. So he tried to ask help from his daughter-in-law, and she eagerly tried to help him at once. She took his walking stick and assisted him up the stairs. When they were halfway there, the walking stick fell downstairs and she was frightened that they might fall. So she hurried downstairs to keep the old man from trouble.

Again the old man was sad, they were so close to his goal but still can’t reach it. He contemplated by himself and said, “I need a miracle to do this.” God replied and said, “You don’t need no miracle. You only need self-assurance, faith, hope, and the will power to do this.” So he thought he can either wait for someone who is really willing to help him through, or do it by himself.

As soon as he realized this he said to himself, “I can do this!” He took the chance and stepped forward. It was a success. But on the second step he fell on his knees. Tears fell from his eyes down to his cheeks as he said to himself, “There is hope!” So he crawled upstairs to gain hope. He reached halfway but his body was already shaking as if he would fall if he let go of one leg. He said to himself, “There is hope, and I can do this.” Nobody saw what he was trying to do until he slipped one foot and was about to fall. He was crying for help but nobody came 'cause nobody could hear him, everyone was busy entertaining the guests on his grandson’s party. When he was about to let go of his support, his grandson came and rushed to his grandfather. The child said in an innocent voice, “Grandpa what are you trying to do? Why are you climbing the stairs? Do you want to go up?” The old man knew what his grandchild was saying by heart and not by hearing. He also knew his grandson wouldn’t understand him if he tried to speak so he just nodded. He closed his eyes and thanked God for saving his life. When the child saw his eyes closed he cried and said, “Grandpa don’t die!” He opened his eyes and regained his small amount of strength coming from his own will. “I will help you climb”, the child said. The little boy tried all the best he could do but he was just to little to carry his grandfather. When they were just last two steps from the second floor the grandfather realized that his grandson was already tired and panting. He said to his grandchild, “Son, if you’re already tired… you can just leave me here and get your prize in a cabinet beside the bed by my old room. Your prize is also my prize.” Of course the child didn’t understood what he was telling him. Instead of leaving him he nodded and said to his grandfather, “Yes Grandpa, I will take you there.”

They were both tired but they also both succeeded. They were both happy and the grandfather played with his grandchild as they lie on the second floor.


Happy Valentine's Day

I hope this would turn out to be a nice day for me... and for all

Have a good Valentine's Day people
Enjoy your celebration...


Ozine Fest 2009

I just received an invite from my classmates, and I said yes! Why not? I want to try this awesome thingy... If ever this thing goes through, it will be my first time to sing for a band on a big crowd playing Japanese anime songs...

"Ozine Fest '09 will be on April 3, 4, and 5, 2009 at the SM Megamall Building B, 5th floor Megatrade Hall 2. This event is organized by the people behind Otakuzine Anime Magazine." - quoted from ozinefest live journal

It's a COSPLAY. To give you a brief background, it originated from Japan which means COSTUME PLAY. It's practically all over the world now, dressing up in costumes specifically for anime, manga, and alike.

Wow it's a great feeling that they chose me to do this thing. It's my dream actually to sing anime songs in a band. The big crowd is plus factor now, and I would really be happy if we could get through. Hope you support this.

"Best Band will receive Php 2,000.00 and a contract to be part of the manga soundtrack with last year’s winner “Haponesang Dilat” on the launch of PSICOM’s new manga." - battle of the bands

-> Not much of a prize, but the performance on stage itself and the exposure will compensate the rest ^_^

Kindly check the original site at otakuzine-mag