ABS-CBN cost cutting with Multiply.com??

Well, I'm not actually sure of this and it's something I really want to find out. Hmmm... I was watching T.V. and was tuned in to ABS-CBN. Before the commercial of the show I was watching, there was a small caption below the screen, "ilovebettylafea.multiply.com", or something like that. And I said, are they short on website budgets? Why use a blogsite for a high-rated T.V. show website?

I recall there is also another show that uses this blogsite as their website. With all due respect to Multiply.com, they are not my concern. In fact it is a good blogsite and they have good features that are very easy to use. Actually, I too, have an account on that site: ashkenazz.multiply.com.

I was just still wondering why a big company or corporation or whatsoever here in the Philippines would use a FREE blogsite to serve as their website. Well, I'm not yet really sure if it is their official website. But I posted the title of this site as a status in my Yahoo Messenger, and some friends reacted and said, "oh yeah, I noticed it, too..."

Well, surprisingly a friend of mine said almost all of the show she's watching in ABS-CBN had this blogsite-website thing. And then she asked me, "Is it also hapenning with GMA7?". Then I told her, "Well, that's what I want to find out" ^_^

But, really... Are they on low budget or something?? I'm curious about it...

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