Boy Abunda and Vicky Belo issue

What is it with Boy Abunda, Vicky Belo, and Manny Calayan?

I mean, they're all big figures in the Philippine Industry especially in show business. The Buzz, SNN, Shobiz Central, they are all just repeating the same issue over and over. It's like the whole issue is just to endorse the three of them, to make their names ring all over the place.

Belo said (maybe not exactly like this), "If you want to look like Dingdong Dantes, go to Belo. But if you want to look like Boy Abunda, go to Calayan"

Wow, what a choice of words... @_@

I know and i agree that it would really be insulting if someone told you what Dr. Belo had aired in a specific T.V. interview. Who would have thought she could say that on-air targeting his old friend? And now she tries to apologies by means of a text message.

I've watched Boy Abunda cried on SNN the other day. I mean his right, Belo is so mean. Why would she say such a message like that on-air? Doesn't she realize what she's doing? In tagalog terms, that is called "paninirang-puri". And I think Boy can sue her for that. But maybe that's going too far. It reminded me of Piolo and Sam being labeled on as GAY buy Lolit Solis.

Hmmm.... I don't know but for me, the whole thing is not convincing. They even have a poll now, stating: Who would you prefer to go now: Dr. Belo, Dr. Calayan, or none? I mean, What's with the poll? Is this the result of the grudge against Belo that they want to prove Calayan will have more clients from now on because of what happened? How childish is that? I know childish because somehow I'm also childish in a way, but this? Or should I say it's really SHOWBIZ and we couldn't do anything about it anymore because that's how they run their industry.

What is that? I don't want to say that they're whole act is a fake, but just to be safe and just for my own opinion I'm saying I'm NOT CONVINCED...

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