Story of The Disabled Man

Story of the Disabled Man

This is the story of the disabled man. He lived his life for quite some years in his wheelchair. He was deaf and mute at the same time. His limbs were so weak he couldn’t move a muscle, and he has been having his therapy for the longest time.

One day the disabled man had his only grandchild celebrating its birthday. The old man decided to give his favorite toy when he was a child as a gift. But the toy was locked in his old room up the second floor.

He wanted to give the toy badly to his grandchild so he asked for help. A visitor passed by and so the disabled man shouted and said, “Hey there, can you help me get up the stairs please”. But he was mute so the visitor couldn’t understand what was coming out of his mouth. The visitor tried to talk to him but the disabled man couldn’t hear him because he was also deaf. So the visitor said, “I’m sorry, I did the best I could to talk to you but we just can’t make a connection possible.”

The disabled man was disappointed and sad at the same time. He wanted to get the toy badly so he continued on calling for help. His son came by and so he tried to communicate with the father of his grandchild. “Can you please help me get up the stairs, I have something very important to give to your son”, the old man said. The son understood a bit of what his father was trying to convey, but still it wasn’t clear enough. So the old disabled man tried to tell him some more until his son understood everything he tried to convey. As soon as the son realized what his father was trying to say, he immediately said, “No dad! Of course not! You can’t go up there. It’s too dangerous. You just have to accept that you can’t walk.” The son told this to his father in a manner he would understand clearly.

The old man was again disappointed because of what his son had just told him. He was hurt. The next one to come by was his daughter-in-law. His daughter-in-law was the one who took care of him ever since he got his limbs useless. He thought maybe she could understand and help him. So he tried to ask help from his daughter-in-law, and she eagerly tried to help him at once. She took his walking stick and assisted him up the stairs. When they were halfway there, the walking stick fell downstairs and she was frightened that they might fall. So she hurried downstairs to keep the old man from trouble.

Again the old man was sad, they were so close to his goal but still can’t reach it. He contemplated by himself and said, “I need a miracle to do this.” God replied and said, “You don’t need no miracle. You only need self-assurance, faith, hope, and the will power to do this.” So he thought he can either wait for someone who is really willing to help him through, or do it by himself.

As soon as he realized this he said to himself, “I can do this!” He took the chance and stepped forward. It was a success. But on the second step he fell on his knees. Tears fell from his eyes down to his cheeks as he said to himself, “There is hope!” So he crawled upstairs to gain hope. He reached halfway but his body was already shaking as if he would fall if he let go of one leg. He said to himself, “There is hope, and I can do this.” Nobody saw what he was trying to do until he slipped one foot and was about to fall. He was crying for help but nobody came 'cause nobody could hear him, everyone was busy entertaining the guests on his grandson’s party. When he was about to let go of his support, his grandson came and rushed to his grandfather. The child said in an innocent voice, “Grandpa what are you trying to do? Why are you climbing the stairs? Do you want to go up?” The old man knew what his grandchild was saying by heart and not by hearing. He also knew his grandson wouldn’t understand him if he tried to speak so he just nodded. He closed his eyes and thanked God for saving his life. When the child saw his eyes closed he cried and said, “Grandpa don’t die!” He opened his eyes and regained his small amount of strength coming from his own will. “I will help you climb”, the child said. The little boy tried all the best he could do but he was just to little to carry his grandfather. When they were just last two steps from the second floor the grandfather realized that his grandson was already tired and panting. He said to his grandchild, “Son, if you’re already tired… you can just leave me here and get your prize in a cabinet beside the bed by my old room. Your prize is also my prize.” Of course the child didn’t understood what he was telling him. Instead of leaving him he nodded and said to his grandfather, “Yes Grandpa, I will take you there.”

They were both tired but they also both succeeded. They were both happy and the grandfather played with his grandchild as they lie on the second floor.

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