My Religious City

I just got out of my cave a while ago and suddenly I just realized that what an old man had said eight years before was actually true. Yes, he did told me that people from the city where I just moved in are definitely religious in all aspect. And one thing that he sighted was that the churches, different churches, especially the catholic church is always filled with people every sunday and even everyday as it counts.

I noticed this when I went out to buy something from a store near two different church in my street. The Aglipayan Church and the Catholic Church. When I saw many people going in and out of these buildings, I suddenly realize what day it is. It's sunday and people are busy going to their respective parish church.

Then it made me think that, oh it is true that the people in my city, Mandaluyong City, are really devoted to religious life. And I just come to think of it, it seems like I'm the only person who does not go to church every sunday anymore (except for my brother and his girlfriend who are actually "the devil's children" when they fight, and for my cousin who had married a born again christian).

It's really hard to think now, that I consider myself as a die-hard and sacred Roman Catholic disciple. I don't even pray anymore when I sleep. I don't pray before I eat, I don't pray... literally I don't pray. I only pray when I want something, or is it when I just remembered I have to pray?

I don't even go to mass anymore, even sunday mass which is an obligation for us catholics. And now I keep on telling myself that my prayers are not being answered. Maybe because I'm just complaining around and not doing anything.

Oh, I really wonder when I will be able to go to mass again...

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