Ozine Fest 2009

I just received an invite from my classmates, and I said yes! Why not? I want to try this awesome thingy... If ever this thing goes through, it will be my first time to sing for a band on a big crowd playing Japanese anime songs...

"Ozine Fest '09 will be on April 3, 4, and 5, 2009 at the SM Megamall Building B, 5th floor Megatrade Hall 2. This event is organized by the people behind Otakuzine Anime Magazine." - quoted from ozinefest live journal

It's a COSPLAY. To give you a brief background, it originated from Japan which means COSTUME PLAY. It's practically all over the world now, dressing up in costumes specifically for anime, manga, and alike.

Wow it's a great feeling that they chose me to do this thing. It's my dream actually to sing anime songs in a band. The big crowd is plus factor now, and I would really be happy if we could get through. Hope you support this.

"Best Band will receive Php 2,000.00 and a contract to be part of the manga soundtrack with last year’s winner “Haponesang Dilat” on the launch of PSICOM’s new manga." - battle of the bands

-> Not much of a prize, but the performance on stage itself and the exposure will compensate the rest ^_^

Kindly check the original site at otakuzine-mag

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