OzineFest 2009

I really do think I'm already old for this, but it really encourages me to portray a character on the COSPLAY. Hmmm, my girlfriend says she wants to portray Robin Sena on the scene... Hmmm I said, that's cool. She's still young and I think she can still push it through. ^_^

I said, it was my goal to buy myself the akatsuki's trench coat since they appeared on the screen. Actually I'm a Naruto fan, and akatsuki made a good impact in the naruto series that's why I like them. And they're style is somewhat amazing. I'm not a teenager anymore but if I'm given the chance to wear this outfit, I would really want to portray PAIN, the akatsuki leader. I don't look much like him but there are certain reasons why his the character I'm portraying if ever... ^_^

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