This bad day of mine may actually turn out to be something good

I got home last night with only 3 pesos on my pocket as change from my 10 peso coin on a 7 peso jeepney fare. Whew, at least I got home safe. But nobody was home so I thought maybe I'll spend the night alone.

While I was fixing things in the kitchen and other things I find annoying, I also text my girlfriend. Then I was surprised when the fourth message wasn't sent. My unlimited texting service has already expired and the network was too late to notify me about it. That's it, no money, no load, no food on the table, and nothing else to do but watch boring channel 7 shows. Well actually last night was not that boring @_@.

My girlfriend called me and so I told her that my load has just been depleted so I can't text her anymore. After the conversation I immediately went to sleep since I'm really, really sleepy.

I woke up in the Morning and realized that I was still alone. Where could they be? I was actually thinking maybe they've gone to their own home. Or maybe she already gave birth on a hospital somewhere.

Hmmm.... looking around me, I still realized that there was no food, no money, and none to talk to. What the hell am I suppose to do? So I just said, maybe I'll just go back to sleep to endure starvation.

I finally woke up around noon time and told myself, maybe it's time to look for a little something to eat. Yes! there was food! It was a Sunfflower Cracker... and only around 7 pieces left. I got one and ate it, then I returned to bed. after 30 minutes or so, I woke up again and told myself, maybe it's time to really wake up. I opened the television and watch the boring stuffs again, although I liked the "moymoy palaboy" part. I found a clover chips and ate it while watching. I tried to fixed my laptop and downloed firefox so I can plurk.

At around 3:00 in the afternoon, my cousin called. He said, "Oh we're in a hospital right now, unexpectedly my wife said her belly hurts so I took her here and then kaboom! there's the baby." I said, "Wow that's great! But I don't know how to get to that place and I don't have money left for transportation." I didn't told him that I also don't have food anymore because I'm afraid I might add up to the burden of hospital expenses. But I'm really happy about hearing the news that a new baby has arrived. I really want to see him, I was talking about the baby boy. This is great, another baby boy in the family. I think I can get to the hospital if I can get to my girlfriend's place, just like what my girlfriend told me. She wants to see the baby, too.

Hmmm... and maybe, I think I need to take a bath now so we can visit on time.

Whoa look at this, my mother sent a message again saying "Did your brother gave you your allowance? Don't you have any load?" How do you think can I reply to that? That was a very hard good question but hard to answer. @_@

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