JoLour Driving School: Bad Issues

This is the information about JoLour Driving School quoted from one of my other blogs:

"JoLour Driving School is LTO (Land Transformation Office) accredited and one of the Philippines known driving school. With regards to price, JoLour is much, much cheaper than all the other driving schools. When it comes to effeciency of the driving lessons, they also have a good set of instructors that will teach you the best and safest way to drive.

The name "JoLour" is derived from the combined name of the couple who owns the driving school, namely Mr. Jonathan and Lourdes Cruz.

JoLour Driving School is located along the extension of Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City. It is inside a commercial building, ground floor, along Aglipay St., Poblacion, Mandaluyong City.

The person to contact is Mrs. Lourdes Cruz, the owner of Jolour Driving School. Contact numbers are (02)385-5806 and (0915)976-5540."


Two of my friends have already enrolled there. My friend who already had driving lessons there referred my other friend to enroll. He said that compared to A1 and Smart Driving School, JoLour Driving School is way cheaper but will really let her learn the best driving techniques and the rules on the road. Actually, he's right about that. Jolour really is a better school than all the other. But the bad news came during the height of the driving sessions..

At first, she was comfortable with the lessons. As the session goes, she realized that the way her instructor is treating her was rather odd. She was hearing other things out of the lessons she should be learning. It was very bold of that instructor to talk about things that were rather disgusting and insulting. He was telling my friend about his past career as someone who works in night clubs, and that he has a good body and a large p*nis.

So what could be the instructor's problem? Why was he saying such things? At first, she didn't mind. But on the latter part of the sessions she had with him, he was totally saying absurd things like, "I love you", and all that can irritate the client. He was literally stalking my friend, asking the phone number from her mother, and calling her from time to time. She was already scared so she decided to talk to us about it. We told her that she should tell her parents about it. She was verbally harassed by that maniac-looking instructor. When her mother talked to the owner about their employee, the owner said the opposite of what was actually going on. They even said that she was the one who liked their employee.

Damn! That was one big disappointment. I was even looking forward to enroll my girlfriend there, but now I guess NOT! I'll never let my girlfriend be harassed by some freak-show-dude!

This is just a warning to those who want to enroll at JoLour Driving School. If you still want to pursue your driving lessons with them, I advise you to pick Mr. Jonathan Cruz (the owner) instead of anybody else.


  1. Very rude. He should've been fired for that. Why would a student complain if there wasn't a problem?

    I hope your friend is okay now.

    I hope I don't see that maniac when I enroll.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Hi,

    Do you have the name of the instructor for us to avoid him.

  3. darn.. that instructor should be fired! buti nalang nabasa ko tong blog na 'to.. mg eenrol p naman sana ako dun!

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  5. Ano po name ng instructor. I'm planning to enroll pa naman therw.

  6. Don't enroll there! Well, their rates are not that cheaper compared to Smart Driving School, but the quality of lessons are way far. I experienced 3-days 2-hr actual driving there, as in "driving" in 1st gear, no other techniques/cues from the instructor. That's why I decided to enroll to other driving school -- Smart. My 1st day (1 hour) there sums up my 3 days (2 hours each) lesson in Jolour, not to mention their unprofessional instructor who I later on found out to be the husband of the owner.

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  8. this is the truth behind everything, kindly read this thank you.
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    The bad issue of Jolour Driving happened many years ago. It’s about a driving instructor telling a story about his life to a female student of jolour driving. In his story of his life, he said something bad to the female student that find him offensively.
    Within that day the manager of jolour driving received a complaint about that incident, and that day also the manager fired the accused driving instructor.
    It is the first day of the said driving instructor working with the jolour driving as a practical instructor.
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    This instructor used to work to a known driving school for a few years (his name is reymart).
    Jolour driving school has always been quiet with this issue, and now the manager decided to tell the truth about the incident, and also to stop this driving school whose using this issue for a long time against jolour driving.
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  9. Thank you for this information. My daughter and I were about to enroll but this story gave me the creeps. It's A1 for us.

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  11. i am planning to enroll but after reading this blog, i am now hesitating. but do you still have the name of the instructor who harassed his student?

  12. I also had a bad experience in this driving school and worst service I received after paying.