How Writing Saved My Life – A Blogger’s Confession

I’m not much of a writer. In fact, my forte is far from writing. I’m actually a computer enthusiast who loves to discover everything what technology has to offer. Programming and multimedia designs are two examples of what I love doing. I really wonder how I got into writing, and how writing saved my life.

Although I’m not really good at it, I do have blogsites. And then recently this year, I joined a company that offers home-based jobs, specifically for freelance writers. A friend introduced me to this new sensation. Since it’s another potential for money-making, I took it. I looked at it as an opportunity even if I wasn’t really sure about my writing skills.

At first, I wasn’t so much in to it since I’m not really fond of writing. I have blogpages but seldom do I blog. But writing gave way to what I actually wanted to do from the start – to share my life, experiences, opinions, and expertise. How writing saved my life is what I’ve been wondering since then.

I began to start a new phase in life. I wouldn’t say I already abandoned what I loved doing. But since I can’t do things the way I wanted, from what time has provided me for, I jumped to a new interest and conclusion. I realized that even if I can’t manifest my skills, I can still focus my attention on how to share my technical knowledge through writing.

Writing my own life experiences, aside from my technical expertise, also helped me alleviate the stress, pain, and emotion I feel every time I’m about to burst. Of course I accompany these with a couple of research, which also helps me by having a better understanding on the situations which I’m also in.

Fortunately, it’s also a job. So I’m not just writing for the glory of it, but I’m also doing it to help stabilize and support my financial needs. To be frank, I’ve been experiencing a financial crisis. But this company helped me a lot not just financially but also to bring out what I can do more. So this is basically the summary of how writing saved my life. And I personally want to thank Essays.ph and my friend who gave me this new experience. And I love it.