I'm going out of town...

Yep I am... I'm going home to the place where I grew up. It's not like I'm gonna have a vacation, no... I'll be leaving the city for a while to visit my grandmother whose eyes are completely failing. My cousins said that my grandmother can't get up her bed anymore. So she's like lying there all the time.

Since my mother is going there, I want to come to. And besides my mother has some monkey business to do. Just kidding. We need to see if our source of income produces income, hahaha.

Anyway, I wish my girl was with me or my friends was with me. But they are all busy people. The truth is that I have nothing to do there besides visiting my grandmother. I guess I'll be staying there for quite a long time. I hope every thing will be alright back here while I'm gone.


Arnel Pineda doesn't look good on his new haircut

Arnel Pineda of Journey (Band) doesn't look so cool on his new haircut. I just saw him earlier on "Game Ka Na Ba?" show this morning and he looks like a look-a-like. I thought there was someone who was pretending to be him on that show. Something like an impersonator, but it was not. It actually was him, Arnel Pineda of Journey.

I only believed it was him when he plugged his shows and concerts, and some with Katy Perry. I don't know, I haven't heard enough. It's something like he's gonna be on Katy Perry's show here in the Philippines, if I'm not mistaken.

Oh well, that's just it... I don't like the haircut. He looks like a "wannabe" in that style.

Finally it is over!

Finally, final exams are over even though I only had one the whole semeseter @_@...

I'm not pretty sure about the results of the examination. Although, I've studied more than usual, I know for myself that I haven't studied well. I know for a fact that the subject was rather difficult to pass with just basic common sense and stuck knowledge. This subject is something you need to learn and understand to be able to cope up with it.

Sabi nga nila hindi pwede ang "papetiks-petiks" dito.

I must say that I have been very cautious in attending this one. I know, I know... I had 2 absences for this subject, but that was because I had a job at that time. After those 2 absences I did my best to come on time and to attend class. And hopefully it did turned out to be a perfect attendance after those 2 absences ...

uhm... wait let me check.. No, I'm sorry I've had three absences. The third one was when I had this freaking typhoid fever. I almost lost everything here. If I'm not mistaken, this is the third or the fourth grave illness I had in my whole life. The life-threatening ones. Uhm... so it wasn't a perfect attendance after all. Lucky me that the fourth day, that was supposed to be considered another absent for me, was nothing but a "no class". They actually suspended the class, not because I was gravely ill, but because there was a school event, *LOL*.

Oh well, for the results of this final exam, I hope it turns out right because I need more than a passing grade on the examination to pass the whole subject, probably a 75%. I pray to God, to Mother Mary, and to all the angels and the saints. This is a one in a lifetime experience for me *LOL* just kidding. But I do pray 'cause I don't want to fail this time.

Wish me luck guys and pray for me. ^_^


Sun Wireless Broadband Download Speed and Bandwidth


In my previous review (*link on the previews post*) about the Sun Wireless Broadband, I explained how its download speed is related to its allotted bandwidth. This early morning at around 4:45am, Thursday, October 22, 2009, I captured a screenshot of SWB's download rate. The bandwidth reached up to 1.2mbps and I was able to capture a download rate of 1.10mbps.

We can see from this picture how the graph went from nothing to atleast 650kbps then down to nothing again, and them around 290kbps, then down again, and until it suddenly boost to 1100kbps or 1.10mbps. This is the actual download rate. The change in speed happens in a matter of split seconds. If you will translate this to kilobytes per second you'll get around 137kilobytes per second download rate.

And then I've managed to capture this. It went down a bit to almost 800kbps on a translated download rate of 77.9 KiloBytes per second. If you actually do a computation, it should be around 100KBps but since download rates also depend on server speed, it can only cope up to as much as almost 80KBps. Not that bad for me, it was actually even faster than my PLDT plan 999 and even when I upgraded it to plan 1,300 if (I am not mistaken), which is 512KBps bandwidth. I've managed to finish 56.1MB in less than 10 minutes since there is a variation in speed. The following image is the rest of the download rate of the Sun Wireless Broadband.

PS: Here is how it works with my torrent... This shot was taken at 5:40am, downloading 3 torrents at a time and yet it shares a good amount of download speed for each. It reached 1.41mbps in this shot. Actually it already reached 1.5mbps.

  And here is my speedtest.net result

*If you have some questions, suggestions, or violent reactions regarding this post, please don't hesitate to put your comments.

Next, I'll try and play WOW or World of Warcraft using only a mobile broadband, of course, Sun Wireless Broadband.

Reviewing 10mm thick handout for today's final exam on ONE SUBJECT!

I am now trying to endure the headache of waking up after 6 hours of sleep from 8pm to 2pm. The truth is I haven't have enough sleep since the past 72 hours. To sum up the number of hours that I've slept since Monday, it's approximately 10 hours! And I'm begging everyone to please understand. I have a final examination later. I'm reviewing 10mm thick handout just for one subject and still I barely pass the exams.

It's like torture! Oh yes it is... *sigh*

I even lack one or two more handouts, how will I be able to finish this?

Oh well I need to study now. I still need to rest up a bit before the hour of doom... @_@


Post Summaries - create your "Read More" automatically

Do you have automatic post summaries in your blog?

I am a blogger, and maybe so do you... Ever wonder how to create post summaries? Well that's practically easy for some bloggers. They just need to tweak something and then *kaboom* there goes the "read more »»" button, your post summaries are now available, but not automatic. Sometimes it is part of the post settings, like for example here in blogspot. You just need to insert a break after the teaser part where you want it to be and then the rest is history. But in some cases you want to do automatic post summaries without needing to put breaks all the time, or insert a piece of code every time you post a blog.

Luckily I found something very useful. Simply follow the steps on this blog. It will teach you step by step on how to do the trick on automatic post summaries. click link

You cans till customize this setup with your own preferences. So good luck with that and enjoy ^_^

ako si chris - the JoePM hit-maker guy

I was wandering by the internet at youtube when i suddenly found this guy singing "Magasin" by the Eraserheads.

And not all that, singing a whole lot more of Original Pinoy Music.

This guy? No, he's not from the Philippines at all. He's a white boy from Hoboken, New Jersey. I can say that he really likes music. He plays good on the guitars and he sings quite well enough. I can say that he's also a fan the "The Beatles" since you can see a poster of them in almost all of his videos.

I never heard him sang English songs yet. But I'm well satisfied seeing and hearing him sing OPMs or so what he calls JoePM (the song twist of Filipino Music sang with an American tongue). He's actually good in all that performing different OPM songs. And it's not just actually OPM, he really chooses the ones with Tagalog lyrics. I really flipped when he performed some "out of this world" guitar tabs with "Penge Naman" by the Itchyworms. But it was really good!

After I found out that he had already gone to the Philippines, I immediately search his name on Google. Fair enough, I think he's really pure American. I immediately became a fan. Just like what other people say, I became an instant fan.

Somehow I began to realize more how some Filipinos use to idolize and copycat other foreign artists, yet there is this guy who is totally not even Asian, but loves to rock the Filipino music scene. I really feel sick about those who do freaking versions of foreign songs and make money out of it. They think it's cool... but the truth is that they really suck big time. Get a life you assholes! Stop translating songs and posing as if you owned it!

Finally while searching again through some blog posts on the internet, I found the answer to the question "WHY?". Why is he doing all this? At first I wondered if he had a relationship with a Filipina before. Then I thought maybe he has friends in the Philippines, or some far relatives. But the answer to that was written on this link ->> wolverina.wordpress.com...

Yes! It says there that this guy's wife is a Filipina ^_^. Lucky that! And for that, I salute you! Go and entertain us more with MORE of your JoePM versions. We would really like somebody like you shake the heads of all the Filipino community, to remind them that OPM ROCKS (or JoePM =P)!


Sun Wireless Broadband Internet

Sun Wireless Broadband or SWB is one of the three (3) major wireless broadband in the Philippines, officiated by Sun Cellular. Sun Cellular is the known brand name for Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. or DMPI. Sun Cellular is a member of the JG Summit group. JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (JGSHI), one of the largest and most diversified conglomerates in the Philippines owns 47.45% of Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc.

The other two competitors in wireless broadband are SMART and GLOBE TELECOMS. For SMART they call it the SMART BRO. GLOBE TELECOMS call their wireless broadband the GLOBE TATTOO. SUN CELLULAR simply call it the SUN WIRELESS BROADBAND.

I'm not really sure really of which is better, although as far as I know they all have different target consumers or should I say that their services apply to different types of consumers.

I'm currently subscribed to the Sun Wireless Broadband or SWB plan 799. It's an unlimited service post-paid plan worth PHP799 a month. The modem is worth PHP1,895. This plan has no holding period since you need to buy the modem separately. The modem is an easy-to-bring, light-weight, USB compatible flash drive. It can come with a router (optional) for a one-time-fee of PHP3,500. You need to settle the accounts for the first month which means that your next billing statement should only arrive at the 19th of the 2nd month from when you've subscribed to their service. Their billing due date is always at the 19th of the month. Therefore you should receive your billing statement days before the 19th day of the month. Their service is Metro-wide applicable.

The speed can go up to 2mbps (as in 2 mega bits per second). Don't expect too much about the speed. Since it's a wireless application protocol, the speed varies from time to time. It has no constant speed. For this moment it could be 512kbps (kilo bits per second), then next second it could fluctuate to 1.7mbps (mega bits per second), then on the next second it could be as low as 4kbps or even ZERO kbps.

This is rather normal. The frequency would be less consistent since it's an airborne signal. This applies to all the other wireless broadband out there. The only difference is that Sun Cellular's service is unlimited. For Globe Telecoms' Globe Tattoo's strong point, their signal is strong everywhere and not just in Metro Manila. For Smart Bro, I'm not really that sure.

And please don't get messed up with the (kbps) thing. Many customers think that this speed is in kilo bytes per second. Now this is the common mistake. Kilobytes is far from kilobits. 1 byte is equivalent to 8 bits. so you could just imagine the difference when you add the prefix "kilo" to it.

I would just like to reiterate this, not just for Sun Wireless Broadband, but for all the rest as well. We often mistook the (kbps) download speed with the (kbps or mbps) bandwidth allotment. You might actually be wondering why you're connected with let's say 512kbps bandwidth and yet when you download any program or software from the internet it drops down to 40-50+ kbps or something less. This is because the bandwidth is in kilobits while the download speed meter is in kilobytes. If you convert 512kilobits into kilobytes, you'll end up at around 64kilobytes bandwidth for download. That would be the ceiling speed if you're bandwidth is 64kilobytes. But it's very rare that you would reach that maximum download speed. Often times you'll only get, as I said, around 40-50+ kbps of download speed or even less.

Let's go back to Sun Wireless Broadband. SWB is not really good for programs that need a consistent connection like online games. It's best recommended for web surfers since they only require a minimum amount of bandwidth and download speed. But just to share some experience, I wouldn't say that Sun Wireless Broadband has a really good internet connectivity. Sometimes you'll really get pissed for having a very and ultra slow connection. Sometimes you wish you've never subscribed here. But also sometimes, you want to take advantage when your download speed hits up 1.7mpbs to 1.9mbps (megabits/second or around 240 kilobytes/second). It's true, there really is a time when the download speed goes up this fast but usually it's around the time when people are already on their beds (LOL). Lucky for me, I'm a vampire. I mean my body clock is the reciprocal of a regular person. I'm awake from 6p.m. to around 10a.m. and the rest of the day is sleeping time. I usually encounter this ultimate speed during 2-6am as the maximum span of time. Very nice ^_^ download all you want ^_^ even torrents.

They have a pretty good customer service. I've tried it more than twice since I had some questions regarding the equipment set itself and problems regarding my billing statement. Since I have no land-line phone in my house, I have no choice but to contact their customer support through my cell-phone or through their website. First, I tried to use their website's customer support and feedback form. I was hoping that my query was going to be delayed since it has always been the problem with many other companies' customer support service, but it didn't turn out to be like that. I was even surprised to see their reply on my GMAIL inbox relatively less than 24 hours. I was expecting that queries like that could be processed at around three days without them notifying the customer of why it could take that long.Gladly, it was a good customer service. They were very nice with their message. They were straight to the point. And they were quick. I'm not sure about call center agents though. I haven't tried their CSR through call centers yet.



mad, panget, maddy, camille, ann, mad patricio, mad delas alas, mad patricio delas alas, camille ann, camilliana, camie, camille delas alas, camille ann patricio delas alas... ano man ang pagkakakilala nila sayo, isa lang ang pangalan mong alam ko... wifey.dear

nyaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy sooooooooobbbbraaaaaaanggggg cheeeeeessssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  wala lang namiss lang kita ^_^


Remnants of Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng

Unfortunately the remnants of typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng still lingers in the land of the Filipino country. It is most heart-breaking to see our fellow citizens dropped down on their knees and crying for help, hoping that they can recover from the furious rampage of the two typhoons that hit the country. However, it always makes me proud to see Filipinos, in the midst of trials, can still put a smile on their faces and embrace the situation head-on with concrete courage!

These are true heroes. They are the mark of a real Filipino. In times of needs, even at their own helpless situations, they've managed to help one another in their own ways. They truly know how to cling to God. They've strong hold to faith!

It's been so depressing to still see some areas flooded and sinking in mud and dirty waters. Every time I watch the news, a part of it still include what's left of Ondoy and Pepeng's victims. Problems continue to arise despite the support which different local and non-local organizations have already given. Although, it is much satisfying to see that the continuous out-pouring of love for the Filipinos have been manifested over and over, even by different countries and by their country leaders. We deeply admire their passion to help the victims of these two typhoons that hit our country.

Here is a video from youtube posted by Rico Blanco himself.


This is a video showing some images of the victims of typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines. The song was written and sung by Rico Blanco himself and was performed together with Robert Dela Cruz (drummer), Berns Cuevas (bassist), and with the help of Angee Rozul, Tracks studios and Blue Light studios.

According to Rico Blanco's website, he composed the song to offer it to the thyphoon victims. In his website he asked everyone to share and repost this video to let every people in the world that Filipinos, even in times of crisis, will always get back on his feet, firm on the ground, and will continue to fight.

He totally gives away copies of this song for free. The mp3 can be downloaded from his site. Please share this to everyone especially to those who have been hit by the savaging storm so that it may boost their morale and recover from their traumatizing experience.

This is the link to the mp3 free download of "BANGON" <--click this link

Please visit the site for more information on the video, on the song, and on the lyrics. It is totally free. Also, if it doesn't hurt your pockets, please help and send in some donations. May God bless us all!

Once again, this is me... proud to be a Filipino


Shameful Korean Racists insulting Filipinoes in times of struggle

So it is true after all... I've been trying to figure out if it really is true. I can't believe why some people just don't know how to sympathize, and yet they still have the guts to call us Filipinos and the Philippines as monkeys living in a monkey island? How pathetic! I really don't get the point why MOST FILIPINOS love to hear K-POP music and idolize Korean racists. Have they no love for their own race? For crying out loud, give me a break!

I want to believe that not all Koreans are like this. I hope! At least not all of them. I don't really wish for it but I don't know how my reaction would go if those pitiful racists meet their own devastation.

Magasin - English Version (EXPOSED!) --Lyrics, Artists, atbp.

Ano pa nga ba kundi eto na, eto na, eto na! Ilalabas ko na ang mga kahindik hindik at nakakapangilabot na mga pangyayaring nagaganap na hindi dapat mabunyag pero dahil sa kahilingan ng nakararami ay napipilitan akong magwaldas ng mga impormasyong maaring makapagpababa ng integridad ng aking mga kaibigan at kakilala na sangkot sa anumang kaguluhang akin ngayong ipahahayag...

Magasin - Eraserheads (English Version) -- The complete exposure!

Magasin was originally composed, arranged, performed, and recorded by a famous band from the Philippines, Eraserheads. The song was actually written in Tagalog (Filipino Language), composed by the lead vocalist/guitarist of the group, Ely Buendia... 

Now this video... is something else! I'm not pretty sure if I'm violating somebody else's pride, freedom, reputation, personality, privacy, or whatsoever they may accused of me, but the truth is... I was present when they made this project.

And to testify, this really is a group project for our Filipino subject. They are actually my friends, each and everyone of them that you see in the video. Luckily, I wasn't really part of the group. I'm not sure if I or they decided not to include me in the footage. Either way, I'd still choose not to be included in the video.

Okay let me start with the info... If I'm not mistaken, as far as I can recall ,this was done during our 2nd Year in college. Our Filipino Professor (Ms. Ifurung) required us to do two music videos, one Tagalog, and one English. Then she asked as to translate them on their opposite languages -- English to Tagalog, and vice- versa.

Truth be told, I was supposed to be in this group. But at the time when the members were picked, the other group got to pick me first. So as a friend, I just stayed, helped, and watched them make their project for I can no longer be part of the group.

Now, I wrote this blog because from the time they brought me the news that they have uploaded this video and told me "oi abe! nakita mo na ba yung video na inupload namen sa youtube??? ang dami ng views, tingnan mo dali!!!!" So this made me like, "oh! oh! oh! okay, okay! wait let me see it..." And from then on, I was extremely glad to see people getting so into this "project thing" that we did.

From time to time I visit that channel to see if there are more views and comments. It doesn't really matter if some comments are rude, but I would really like to THANK THOSE WHO "somehow" APPRECIATE the video. It's just like a petty project, for crying out loud! We didn't even really thought of getting serious about it. It was for pure fun. But luckily, really... it took an A+. It was like the highest graded Music Video in our class, even higher than my group's project. But I'm really proud I was part of that production even if I was just an observer. And I also kept on suggesting more corny inputs for that video. I never really thought it was way over corny.

Let's share the COMPLETE Magasin - Eraserheads (English Version) Lyrics
well actually almost complete.... this was like three or four years ago, I can't really seem to remember them all... uhm don't worry it's only one line. That's it! And I actually believe that when Pags was singing that portion he really did messed up on that line. *LMAO*

*** ok! so my friend Joji here followed this link and told me the missing piece. now, the lyrics is really complete! enjoy!
Magasin - Eraserheads
Composed by Ely Buendia
Popularized by The Eraserheads
Devastated by SWAT Team

i saw you on a magazine
your dress was yellow
your hair was green
a magazine stand along Baclaran
saw you, was mesmerized by your appearance

do you still remember when we're still together
i didn't expect that you'll become a star
i even laughed at you
you even called me a fool
you're not that beautiful before
however now....


your smile is different
your looks are different
how come you underwent this metamorphosis
let's hope that no one saw it
so problems won't come with it
for i'm experiencing this poverty
to purchase... oooohhhoohhh
to purchase your beautiful face... =p

maybe right now you have your own auto
blazing... on a stage
your dress was made by Sotto
'suppose now.. you're already signing
for the supermodel of the whole wide universe
'cause now!

your smile is different
your looks are different
how come you underwent this metamorphosis
let's just hope no one saw it
so problems won't come with it
'cause i'm experiencing this poverty


i saw you on a magazine
and suddenly i realized it was R18!!
the title was obscene

to my hurry, I've seen (This weary part was cleared by JOJI himself, thanks tol)
and so my eyes were opened to reality

your smile is different
your looks are different
how come you underwent this metamorphosis
let's just hope no one saw it
so problems won't come with it
'cause i'm experiencing this poverty

your smile is different
your looks are different
how come you underwent this metamorphosis
let's just hope no one saw it
so problems won't come with it
for i'm experiencing this poverty
to purchase... oooohhhoohhh
to purchase your beautiful face... =p

i wonder where you are
i just hope you're happy
and in the coming issue
the centerfold is you... youohhhhhhhhhhhh
ooooooohhhhhhhhhh (LMAO)

The SWAT Team (Let's name them all!)
SWAT - (Samahan ng mga Walang Alam sa Test)
formed in Highschool, remained to be true 'till college...

Now let's start naming those people behind that dirty old video ( LOL ).

Jose Marie (Pags) Pagkanlungan
He was the major vocalist of this song (LOL)
also the bassist on the video where there was a band
he was also the major contributor to the wicked lyrics of the song... bright ideas ehh??

Francis Rendell (Frankie) Pulanco
this guy is the one who owns the house
beside the driveway where they made their sloppy dance moves
I forgot who choreographed that, I think it's Noy
This guy is also the drummer at the video where they were posing as a band -- although he really is a drummer

Joji Kaneko
This guy is kind of a director of some of the corny scenes you've just seen

Marc Allan Reyes
he was the vendor of the magazine at the "magazine stand"
he was the one responsible for breaking the monoblock armchair
that he threw at the end of the video

Joselito Antonio (Noy) Barcelona
I think he's the leader of the whole dance craze thing as far as I can remember
he also sang a portion of the last chorus

Ronell Ong
 can you believe this guy? he never really did show up those times when we made the video,
recording and editing stuffs.... but he was surely visible at the video!!!
what we did was we let Noy edit his solo photo, turned his hair long and green, his shirt yellow, and pasted him at the bottom right corner of the magazine.

Jerimiah Emmanuel (Jero) Sese
This was the person who posted the video at youtube. I can't really remember who did all the editing. well, hopefully you'll recognize them when you watch the videos again.

By the way, I just sneaked up on my classmate's multiply site and grabbed these photos... the last one (jero's photo) I stole it from his friendster account (LMAO)

I really do hope they forgive me for this!! Well Good luck guys!
Thank You for your kind unsolicited support

(Pahabol) P.S.
For me, these guys did a very good job. They've submitted on time even if we did this one or two days before submission. They've got a really high grade. These guys, (okay, let's admit it...) we were only amateur students at that time. We only used trial version of Pinnacle Studios. They only even used Windows Movie Maker to edit and record the song itself. Can you imagine that? It's like way below stone age... But I'm proud of these guys, and it really sucks whenever I search for these tags again on the internet and then I find posers taking credits for my friends' video.

For those people who likes the video, thank you... We appreciate how you appreciate our work, but please don't take it as if it is your own. Don't label it with your own names, you don't even look like the original crew who made this video (or not, i hope not *lol*).

For those of you who have outrageous comments, thank you... we enjoy your criticism, especially me haha. keep it up!

*kahit ganyan yang project na yan, pinaghirapan nila yan*


Long time no blog!

It's been a while since i blogged about something. Well, knowing myself I'm not really that much of a blogger, although sometimes it makes me feel like wanting to blog at indefinite times. Example is while I'm watching TV and then suddenly a crazy show or commercial freaked me out or really amazed me, it gives me a strong feeling of wanting to blog it out, or even just a short shout out.

I haven't been regularly checking the internet for blog posts. Well actually, I do have a number of blogsites including micro blogsites such as plurk, twitter, and facebook. The truth is I haven't been able to update my Multiply site as well. What a looser.

Anyway I'm just writing to spill out some thoughts. My mind is so much encumbered with every bit of data. I don't even know which to prioritize first. I have so many goals, so many ideas, and they are all clumped in my head that I can't think straight anymore.

Oh well, that's it for today I guess.