ako si chris - the JoePM hit-maker guy

I was wandering by the internet at youtube when i suddenly found this guy singing "Magasin" by the Eraserheads.

And not all that, singing a whole lot more of Original Pinoy Music.

This guy? No, he's not from the Philippines at all. He's a white boy from Hoboken, New Jersey. I can say that he really likes music. He plays good on the guitars and he sings quite well enough. I can say that he's also a fan the "The Beatles" since you can see a poster of them in almost all of his videos.

I never heard him sang English songs yet. But I'm well satisfied seeing and hearing him sing OPMs or so what he calls JoePM (the song twist of Filipino Music sang with an American tongue). He's actually good in all that performing different OPM songs. And it's not just actually OPM, he really chooses the ones with Tagalog lyrics. I really flipped when he performed some "out of this world" guitar tabs with "Penge Naman" by the Itchyworms. But it was really good!

After I found out that he had already gone to the Philippines, I immediately search his name on Google. Fair enough, I think he's really pure American. I immediately became a fan. Just like what other people say, I became an instant fan.

Somehow I began to realize more how some Filipinos use to idolize and copycat other foreign artists, yet there is this guy who is totally not even Asian, but loves to rock the Filipino music scene. I really feel sick about those who do freaking versions of foreign songs and make money out of it. They think it's cool... but the truth is that they really suck big time. Get a life you assholes! Stop translating songs and posing as if you owned it!

Finally while searching again through some blog posts on the internet, I found the answer to the question "WHY?". Why is he doing all this? At first I wondered if he had a relationship with a Filipina before. Then I thought maybe he has friends in the Philippines, or some far relatives. But the answer to that was written on this link ->> wolverina.wordpress.com...

Yes! It says there that this guy's wife is a Filipina ^_^. Lucky that! And for that, I salute you! Go and entertain us more with MORE of your JoePM versions. We would really like somebody like you shake the heads of all the Filipino community, to remind them that OPM ROCKS (or JoePM =P)!

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