Finally it is over!

Finally, final exams are over even though I only had one the whole semeseter @_@...

I'm not pretty sure about the results of the examination. Although, I've studied more than usual, I know for myself that I haven't studied well. I know for a fact that the subject was rather difficult to pass with just basic common sense and stuck knowledge. This subject is something you need to learn and understand to be able to cope up with it.

Sabi nga nila hindi pwede ang "papetiks-petiks" dito.

I must say that I have been very cautious in attending this one. I know, I know... I had 2 absences for this subject, but that was because I had a job at that time. After those 2 absences I did my best to come on time and to attend class. And hopefully it did turned out to be a perfect attendance after those 2 absences ...

uhm... wait let me check.. No, I'm sorry I've had three absences. The third one was when I had this freaking typhoid fever. I almost lost everything here. If I'm not mistaken, this is the third or the fourth grave illness I had in my whole life. The life-threatening ones. Uhm... so it wasn't a perfect attendance after all. Lucky me that the fourth day, that was supposed to be considered another absent for me, was nothing but a "no class". They actually suspended the class, not because I was gravely ill, but because there was a school event, *LOL*.

Oh well, for the results of this final exam, I hope it turns out right because I need more than a passing grade on the examination to pass the whole subject, probably a 75%. I pray to God, to Mother Mary, and to all the angels and the saints. This is a one in a lifetime experience for me *LOL* just kidding. But I do pray 'cause I don't want to fail this time.

Wish me luck guys and pray for me. ^_^

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