Long time no blog!

It's been a while since i blogged about something. Well, knowing myself I'm not really that much of a blogger, although sometimes it makes me feel like wanting to blog at indefinite times. Example is while I'm watching TV and then suddenly a crazy show or commercial freaked me out or really amazed me, it gives me a strong feeling of wanting to blog it out, or even just a short shout out.

I haven't been regularly checking the internet for blog posts. Well actually, I do have a number of blogsites including micro blogsites such as plurk, twitter, and facebook. The truth is I haven't been able to update my Multiply site as well. What a looser.

Anyway I'm just writing to spill out some thoughts. My mind is so much encumbered with every bit of data. I don't even know which to prioritize first. I have so many goals, so many ideas, and they are all clumped in my head that I can't think straight anymore.

Oh well, that's it for today I guess.

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