Post Summaries - create your "Read More" automatically

Do you have automatic post summaries in your blog?

I am a blogger, and maybe so do you... Ever wonder how to create post summaries? Well that's practically easy for some bloggers. They just need to tweak something and then *kaboom* there goes the "read more »»" button, your post summaries are now available, but not automatic. Sometimes it is part of the post settings, like for example here in blogspot. You just need to insert a break after the teaser part where you want it to be and then the rest is history. But in some cases you want to do automatic post summaries without needing to put breaks all the time, or insert a piece of code every time you post a blog.

Luckily I found something very useful. Simply follow the steps on this blog. It will teach you step by step on how to do the trick on automatic post summaries. click link

You cans till customize this setup with your own preferences. So good luck with that and enjoy ^_^

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