Remnants of Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng

Unfortunately the remnants of typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng still lingers in the land of the Filipino country. It is most heart-breaking to see our fellow citizens dropped down on their knees and crying for help, hoping that they can recover from the furious rampage of the two typhoons that hit the country. However, it always makes me proud to see Filipinos, in the midst of trials, can still put a smile on their faces and embrace the situation head-on with concrete courage!

These are true heroes. They are the mark of a real Filipino. In times of needs, even at their own helpless situations, they've managed to help one another in their own ways. They truly know how to cling to God. They've strong hold to faith!

It's been so depressing to still see some areas flooded and sinking in mud and dirty waters. Every time I watch the news, a part of it still include what's left of Ondoy and Pepeng's victims. Problems continue to arise despite the support which different local and non-local organizations have already given. Although, it is much satisfying to see that the continuous out-pouring of love for the Filipinos have been manifested over and over, even by different countries and by their country leaders. We deeply admire their passion to help the victims of these two typhoons that hit our country.

Here is a video from youtube posted by Rico Blanco himself.


This is a video showing some images of the victims of typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines. The song was written and sung by Rico Blanco himself and was performed together with Robert Dela Cruz (drummer), Berns Cuevas (bassist), and with the help of Angee Rozul, Tracks studios and Blue Light studios.

According to Rico Blanco's website, he composed the song to offer it to the thyphoon victims. In his website he asked everyone to share and repost this video to let every people in the world that Filipinos, even in times of crisis, will always get back on his feet, firm on the ground, and will continue to fight.

He totally gives away copies of this song for free. The mp3 can be downloaded from his site. Please share this to everyone especially to those who have been hit by the savaging storm so that it may boost their morale and recover from their traumatizing experience.

This is the link to the mp3 free download of "BANGON" <--click this link

Please visit the site for more information on the video, on the song, and on the lyrics. It is totally free. Also, if it doesn't hurt your pockets, please help and send in some donations. May God bless us all!

Once again, this is me... proud to be a Filipino

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