Sun Wireless Broadband Download Speed and Bandwidth


In my previous review (*link on the previews post*) about the Sun Wireless Broadband, I explained how its download speed is related to its allotted bandwidth. This early morning at around 4:45am, Thursday, October 22, 2009, I captured a screenshot of SWB's download rate. The bandwidth reached up to 1.2mbps and I was able to capture a download rate of 1.10mbps.

We can see from this picture how the graph went from nothing to atleast 650kbps then down to nothing again, and them around 290kbps, then down again, and until it suddenly boost to 1100kbps or 1.10mbps. This is the actual download rate. The change in speed happens in a matter of split seconds. If you will translate this to kilobytes per second you'll get around 137kilobytes per second download rate.

And then I've managed to capture this. It went down a bit to almost 800kbps on a translated download rate of 77.9 KiloBytes per second. If you actually do a computation, it should be around 100KBps but since download rates also depend on server speed, it can only cope up to as much as almost 80KBps. Not that bad for me, it was actually even faster than my PLDT plan 999 and even when I upgraded it to plan 1,300 if (I am not mistaken), which is 512KBps bandwidth. I've managed to finish 56.1MB in less than 10 minutes since there is a variation in speed. The following image is the rest of the download rate of the Sun Wireless Broadband.

PS: Here is how it works with my torrent... This shot was taken at 5:40am, downloading 3 torrents at a time and yet it shares a good amount of download speed for each. It reached 1.41mbps in this shot. Actually it already reached 1.5mbps.

  And here is my speedtest.net result

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Next, I'll try and play WOW or World of Warcraft using only a mobile broadband, of course, Sun Wireless Broadband.

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