Is now back from vacation

Whew, that was a bit long vacation. It was almost two weeks of vacation in the province of Oriental Mindoro. Too bad I didn't had the chance to go to the beach. Who would want to, anyway? The rains were are strong as hell. There were storm signals everywhere. I mean around the province.

Yesterday was my cousin and uncle's birthday celebration combo. That was fun alright! There was beer everywhere. Food was flooding the tables and so are the unlimited number of alcohol that keeps pouring down my throat every now and then. It seems so endless, it never stops from coming.

After some "videoke" with the whole family (birthday celebrations in Cavite always seems like a family reunion), we went back to our house to set-up the drums, electric guitars and bass guitars. It's time for some live jamming sessions with the family. Can't blame the family for being musically inclined since the bloodline is musically oriented from first to last.

Unfortunately I needed to leave last night. I needed to accompany my girl back to her place at the city. It's sad though that I had to leave early. The party was just getting warmed up (although one of my brothers already surrendered and fell asleep heheh).

Well here I am now, sitting back at home, writing my blogs and plurking some stuffs. Speaking of plurk, while I was away on vacation, my karma points went down very low. I feel sad about it. I thought I could still use the internet on my phone, but it seems that the 3G signal in the province is not quite very good. Oh well, I suffered the consequences of not turning on my vacation mode at Plurk.

That's life anyways... I need to file my LOA later and then find a job to support myself. Wish me luck guys ^_^