Cried out for "Ikaw Pa Rin" by Ted Ito

Last night was so unforgettable. It was our barkada Christmas party. The only sad thing about it was that when one of my friends entered a song by Ted Ito, the song "Ikaw Pa Rin". I know that we were all supposed to be happy that night. It's just that I can't help myself. While the song was playing on and we were holding the microphone and singing along with it, I suddenly saw the good memories of me and my ex-girlfriend. I couldn't help myself but cry. I started to have teary eyes, then the tears fell down from my cheeks. At first my friends didn't noticed it yet, but when I started to wipe it out they immediately gave me a comforting hug that even made me cry. I tried to finish the song as my voice cracked with tearful sadness. After the song, they wanted me to sing a happy song but I went back to my seat to calm myself for a while. I felt really sad. There were two things; I felt sad about the good memories that echoed in my mind that night, and I felt sad about not being able to stop myself from crying since it was almost gonna break the night away.

Ikaw Pa Rin by Ted Ito is an old ballad tagalog song. errrr... kakainis kasi nagsulat pa naman ako ng article about moving on, and part of it was to stay away from bitter love songs! but look what i did? i cried over the stupid freakin' love song!

Anyway here's the lyrics of Ikaw Pa Rin by Ted Ito

Nang mawalay ka sa aking puso
Kung bakit hanap-hanap ka pa
Ang yong mukha'y laging
Lagi na lamang sa isipan ko

Bakit di magawa nitong damdamin
Ang paglimot sa mga nagdaan
Sadya nga bang ganyan
Pag nagmahal ay di matatakasan


Nais ko'y makapiling kang muli
Nais kong mayakap kahit na sandali
Kung pangarap ma'y tatanggapin ko
Ikaw pa ring ang iniibig ko


Who to vote for in the Philippine 2010 Presedential Elections?

Right now I'm still thinking of who to vote this coming 2010 Presidential elections. I still can't seem to convince myself of who will be the better one to hold that top position. It will definitely be a crucial decision. The truth is that this would be my first time to vote so I would really want to make the most of it, hopefully. But since the day when candidates have started to plug their desire to run for that position, I still can't absorb what they have to offer.

I came across the GMA 7's wordpress blog about the 2010 Presidential candidates and there I saw 9 people who are pressing their way to people's hearts and minds that only one of them is the most suited personality to be placed on the throne.

Here is my gathered list from www.2010presidentiables.wordpress.com

  1. Bro. Eddie Villanueva
  2. Joseph Ejercito "Erap" Estrada
  3. Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro
  4. Jamby Madrigal
  5. JC de los Reyes
  6. Manny Villar
  7. Nicanor Perlas
  8. Benigno Noynoy Aquino
  9. Richard Gordon
OK! so there are 9 of them. While I was watching the "Isang Tanong" at GMA7, there was only laughter and frustration in me. Seldom did I get excited by a candidate's answer to the nation's questions.

Bro. Eddie Villanueva

Although I am amazed that Bro. Eddie Villanueva is ranked highest in GMA7 2010 Presidential poll. OK so let me start my opinion about this candidate.

Brother Eddie has a very strong will, not only spiritual but also a very strong sense of political will. I can tell that he has a lot of knowledge on what comes out of his mouth whenever he speak to the people. At first I was never really interested in this guy since I strongly believe that the church should be separated from the government. These are two different dimensions and I don't think that it would be good to have a church leader sit on a political kingdom.

But I am amazed that he has a great sense of concern on our national government, till then let's find out on up to what extent does this person have to prove himself to me and to all of the Filipino people.

Joseph Ejercito "Erap" Estrada

I can't believe he still wanted to get back on his lost post. Well that's not really impossible for a guy like him, strong willed and all that, but I never imagined him really pursuing this track till the very end. Well, he does have a point when he said he had a very strong experience when it comes to politics since he had been a mayor, a senator, a vice-president, and a president, etc, etc... But I just think that this is not his time anymore.

Ang cute cute talaga ni dating pangulong Erap oh... I'm watching him right now at ABS-CBN's "Harapan" .

Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro

He speaks with great confidence. Actually if I am to pick, he would be my third option. But the reason why I am so  not confident about him is that he is an alliance of the "Dark Side". I think he knows deep enough about the position he would be taking in, if ever.

Jamby Madrigal

This one I only knew just now. But I am not confident about this candidate, even now that she has not been visible in political forums for the presidential election.

JC de los Reyes

errr... I don't like him. He doesn't seem to know what he's doing.

Manny Villar

errr... The best thing I like about him is the dance. And I guess that would be the only thing now. x_X I'm sorry but I don't believe him.

Nicanor Perlas

errr... I don't like him either. He doesn't seem to know what he's doing. Just the same as the other one. They seem to be wasting my time whenever I listen to what they have to say. They may have really good intentions for running but they can't seem to reach me. I'm sorry I can't gamble my trust to just anybody.

Noynoy Aquino

Senador Noynoy, I don't really say that he is the best among them. There is no doubt that he is good in nature, but politically wise, correct me if I'm wrong, I have always asked myself, "Ano na ba ang nagawa nya habang sha ay nanunungkulan pa bilang senador?". And I said, "ano nga ba?".

Richard Gordon

Good records, great man, but I'm still weary about my confidence in him. Maybe if I am to choose, I will put him at number 2.


Guys please help me decide which of these candidates is more deserving to serve the Philippine people.


6 second per pulse billing is now on the go

I just heard on the news that TeleCom companies have agreed to implement the 6 second per pulse billing system this December 2009. I like it. Isn't that nice?

The Philippines has an estimated total of 75 million cellphone users, and 80% of that are prepaid users. Yep! and I'm one of those 80%. Glad to hear about that. It's a good thing that we need not to register on irritating promos anymore. It's going to be a standard system where we can talk to our loved ones, our friends, our contacts anytime without having to worry about a disappointing bill.

Just imagine before, we can't control the price of our call. Let's say I called you for 15 seconds, that would already be charged as a 1 minute call. How about if I call you for 1 minute and 1 second, that would be charged 2 minutes already. Woah! that is so much of an abuse in the consumers' view.

But right now I think it's a good thing they did implemented this new system, when in fact they should have done that years ago, the charge per pulse billing is now in every 6 seconds. Not bad actually. I think it's fair enough for the consumers and the providers as well. Because before it was totally an overkill for cellphone users especially for the prepaid subscribers.

I've heard that this system yet only works on a same network system. So it's a Globe to Globe, Sun to Sun, or Smart to Smart. But! There is a BIG BUT! the next system intended for inter-network is about to be implemented on the succeeding months, hopefully.

Well thank you to the Telecommunications companies for adhering to our concerns.

Planning to switch my broadband with SkyBroadband

OK, I admit it... I posted several topics regarding what's good about SWB or Sun Wireless Broadband internet connection. It's true though that somehow it reaches up to 1.8Mbps and that I could finish a heavy torrent download in just hours, but it's just that it only happens 10-20% of the time when I'm connected to the internet, and most of it is during 2-5a.m. Who the hell wants to surf and and abuse the net on that hour. I mean, I did it. I wrote it in my blog a couple of months ago.

But it's true that you really need to test your satisfactory level in long period of time. In my case, it's just now that I realize how awful it is to surf and download programs or do any internet activity during daytime or even night time using the Sun Wireless Broadband. I am not so sure about other Wireless Broadband deals like Smart Bro and Globe Tattoo, but I will definitely want to shift my interest on a DSL connection. Especially in times like these when I already have a very good desktop, a very good Operating System, and then the only thing that lags behind is a very bad internet connection speed. It's very disappointing when you're into multitasking in the internet and yet you can't rely much on the speed of your connection.

Suddenly my brother asked me about the Sky Broadband. Well I said, not bad and let's go check it out. To find out that they have a 15-day trial makes it even more and more interesting. Personally, I'm not yet sure of how good or bad their service is. But since they have a 15-day trial, I think it's a good way to start testing it out. My brother is so in to it, after all. Guys if you have some recommendations or comments regarding the Sky Broadband deal, please let me know so that I could asses whether I'm going to waste my time on it or not.

And what's it gonna be? The SUN versus the SKY... Definitely I know the answer, but I just wanted to hear comments or recommendations from you guys if I could rely on Sky Broadband or not. And maybe you have some other options that you could give me and prove me of its worth. Thanks a lot people.