6 second per pulse billing is now on the go

I just heard on the news that TeleCom companies have agreed to implement the 6 second per pulse billing system this December 2009. I like it. Isn't that nice?

The Philippines has an estimated total of 75 million cellphone users, and 80% of that are prepaid users. Yep! and I'm one of those 80%. Glad to hear about that. It's a good thing that we need not to register on irritating promos anymore. It's going to be a standard system where we can talk to our loved ones, our friends, our contacts anytime without having to worry about a disappointing bill.

Just imagine before, we can't control the price of our call. Let's say I called you for 15 seconds, that would already be charged as a 1 minute call. How about if I call you for 1 minute and 1 second, that would be charged 2 minutes already. Woah! that is so much of an abuse in the consumers' view.

But right now I think it's a good thing they did implemented this new system, when in fact they should have done that years ago, the charge per pulse billing is now in every 6 seconds. Not bad actually. I think it's fair enough for the consumers and the providers as well. Because before it was totally an overkill for cellphone users especially for the prepaid subscribers.

I've heard that this system yet only works on a same network system. So it's a Globe to Globe, Sun to Sun, or Smart to Smart. But! There is a BIG BUT! the next system intended for inter-network is about to be implemented on the succeeding months, hopefully.

Well thank you to the Telecommunications companies for adhering to our concerns.

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