Cried out for "Ikaw Pa Rin" by Ted Ito

Last night was so unforgettable. It was our barkada Christmas party. The only sad thing about it was that when one of my friends entered a song by Ted Ito, the song "Ikaw Pa Rin". I know that we were all supposed to be happy that night. It's just that I can't help myself. While the song was playing on and we were holding the microphone and singing along with it, I suddenly saw the good memories of me and my ex-girlfriend. I couldn't help myself but cry. I started to have teary eyes, then the tears fell down from my cheeks. At first my friends didn't noticed it yet, but when I started to wipe it out they immediately gave me a comforting hug that even made me cry. I tried to finish the song as my voice cracked with tearful sadness. After the song, they wanted me to sing a happy song but I went back to my seat to calm myself for a while. I felt really sad. There were two things; I felt sad about the good memories that echoed in my mind that night, and I felt sad about not being able to stop myself from crying since it was almost gonna break the night away.

Ikaw Pa Rin by Ted Ito is an old ballad tagalog song. errrr... kakainis kasi nagsulat pa naman ako ng article about moving on, and part of it was to stay away from bitter love songs! but look what i did? i cried over the stupid freakin' love song!

Anyway here's the lyrics of Ikaw Pa Rin by Ted Ito

Nang mawalay ka sa aking puso
Kung bakit hanap-hanap ka pa
Ang yong mukha'y laging
Lagi na lamang sa isipan ko

Bakit di magawa nitong damdamin
Ang paglimot sa mga nagdaan
Sadya nga bang ganyan
Pag nagmahal ay di matatakasan


Nais ko'y makapiling kang muli
Nais kong mayakap kahit na sandali
Kung pangarap ma'y tatanggapin ko
Ikaw pa ring ang iniibig ko

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