Planning to switch my broadband with SkyBroadband

OK, I admit it... I posted several topics regarding what's good about SWB or Sun Wireless Broadband internet connection. It's true though that somehow it reaches up to 1.8Mbps and that I could finish a heavy torrent download in just hours, but it's just that it only happens 10-20% of the time when I'm connected to the internet, and most of it is during 2-5a.m. Who the hell wants to surf and and abuse the net on that hour. I mean, I did it. I wrote it in my blog a couple of months ago.

But it's true that you really need to test your satisfactory level in long period of time. In my case, it's just now that I realize how awful it is to surf and download programs or do any internet activity during daytime or even night time using the Sun Wireless Broadband. I am not so sure about other Wireless Broadband deals like Smart Bro and Globe Tattoo, but I will definitely want to shift my interest on a DSL connection. Especially in times like these when I already have a very good desktop, a very good Operating System, and then the only thing that lags behind is a very bad internet connection speed. It's very disappointing when you're into multitasking in the internet and yet you can't rely much on the speed of your connection.

Suddenly my brother asked me about the Sky Broadband. Well I said, not bad and let's go check it out. To find out that they have a 15-day trial makes it even more and more interesting. Personally, I'm not yet sure of how good or bad their service is. But since they have a 15-day trial, I think it's a good way to start testing it out. My brother is so in to it, after all. Guys if you have some recommendations or comments regarding the Sky Broadband deal, please let me know so that I could asses whether I'm going to waste my time on it or not.

And what's it gonna be? The SUN versus the SKY... Definitely I know the answer, but I just wanted to hear comments or recommendations from you guys if I could rely on Sky Broadband or not. And maybe you have some other options that you could give me and prove me of its worth. Thanks a lot people.

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