ASAP 2010 - weird

I am actually watching ASAP right now at ABS-CBN channel 2.

First, I saw Sharon Cuneta (the Mega Star) sing for Judy Ann Santos' teleserye launching. The host was emphasizing how the soap opera should be much awaited since the "Mega Star" herself, Sharon Cuneta, sang and recorded its theme song "Habang May Buhay" by Wency Cornejo and his band The After Image. It's just sad that she had to do a "lip sing" @_@.

But Shaina Magdayao was so pretty I really like her. I really wonder why John Pratts broke up with her. After the dance number lend by ASAP dancers like the group of John Pratts, Group of Shaina, and Billy Crawford and Sarah Geronimo (I don't even know why Sarah is there), the Jabbawockeez made their entrance. ASAP said that the "World Famous Dance Crew" will now be a part of their "Kapamilya" show. But I'm not really sure if they did a flop performance, or it's a technical problem, or maybe it was really just a teaser... but i think it's a flop, hahaha.

Then the lady of the Philippine remake soap opera "Ruby" showed up on stage and made a very sexy dance performance. Cool, she's really hot. Angelica Panganiban. I remember when she was still young, she was just a chubby little girl, even in her teen days. But now she has the nation's eyes on her hotness. Although I think she's not really that sexy, but I think she's hot. Congrats to Derrick Ramsey @_@.

P.S. I knew it, the Jabbawockeez had a flopped performance due to a technical problem. Hahaha the hosts admitted it. But I also had to admit, since these dancers were professionals, it was kinda hard to tell if they really lost it out there on the stage.


errr... sorry Willie, but I hate what you did here...

I was watching Wowowee the other day and I wasn't really paying attention even if I hear the contestants doing good with their talent portion. But when this one person came to stage and made his way to sing a Tom Jones hit, I immediately turned to the TV and watched. His voice was really outstanding for someone who works at a marketplace. The guy is a vendor at a certain marketplace in Manila, I can't really remember where. His name is Dario and he not only sings with a good voice, he also sings from the heart.

He first sang Tom Jones' "Fall In Love." But the audience couldn't have enough, they wanted him to sing one more. At first he said he would sing an April Boy song. But the instrumentalists don't know it so Willie said, "sing another Tom Jones hit." Willie asked him to sing "Delilah." And so he did, and he did really great. The audience were all shouting and screaming like he was some kind of an instant celebrity. Here is a video clip of the performance. ^_^

Sad to say, Willie only gave P15K for this person. Most of the time he gives 20-50K for really good performers who receives a shout for "One more!" from the audience.

I was just disappointed. I said to myself while I was pointing at the TV like a frustrated angry audience, which I am, "Oh come on! That was just worth P15K?" He can give P50K to singer contestants who are not really that great or as great as this one... I was wondering maybe Wowowee is getting lower ratings. Awww anyway I liked this performance.


Philippine Political Campaign Jingles on the NEWS!

I was watching TV Patrol this evening when suddenly they featured the political campaign jingles of the 2010 presidential candidates. I'm guessing why... @.@

Hundreds of blogs have already stated their different opinions regarding this campaign ads including, of course, the undying jingle of Manny Villar. With the help of online media, the news has gotten easier ways of tracking hot issues being discussed all over the world.

Right now, the Philippines is focused in the 2010 Philippine National Elections. The politicians are very busy on how they can get their voters' attention, and some of them think that the best way to do that is by creating jingles that would completely ring back into people's heads until the casting of votes.

As far as I can remember, there are four candidates who have posted their political campaign jingles on national media. These are Noynoy's "Hindi Ka Nag-iisa", Bro. Eddie's "Eddie Ako", Gibo's "Posible", and the ever menacing Manny Villar's "Naging Mahirap."

Noynoy's "Hindi Ka Nag-iisa" was composed by a well-known singer and composer in the Philippines, Ogie Alcasid, and sang by Asia's Song Bird, Regine Velasquez. The song was somehow in tribute to Noynoy's parents who were both legendary in the world of Philippine Politics. The first man to revolutionize People Power by dying for the people, and the first woman president of the Philippines who drove away the steel arms of Former President Marcos.

Bro. Eddie also released a jingle who was sang by Pinoy fastest-rapper, Gloc 9. I'm not sure who composed the song but I do believe it is original.

Gibo Teodoro reused the song "Posible" by Rivermaya, composed by Rico Blanco. The news said that composer Rico Blanco and the producer of that song went mad and angry about Gibo using the song for his own good without prior notice. The song was said to be a failed one. Gibo never asked for permission to use the song, and even if he did, it wasn't granted.

Last is the Major LSS of all Filipino People. It was originally composed by someone who supports Manny Villar. You can find the lyrics and video here. ABS-CBN says that apart from all the rest, this one is the most popular. I agree to that; however, I could not agree more when they said that the song was actually catchy and cool that's why it became so popular. Who couldn't memorize that jingle if it hasn't been playing for more than 15 times a day in different TV stations?

And come on for crying out loud, I am done with this thing... @.@

Smart Bro bakit wala ka pa??? anong nangyare? LAME @.@

Ay nako nakakaasar naman! Nag apply ako ng SMART BRO through their internet subscription, hanggang ngayon di pa rin tumatawag or nagrereply man lang sa e-mail ko. T_T Badtrip talaga. Kelangang kelangan mo na wala pa rin! Gusto pa ata talaga nila pupunta ko sa office nila. Para san pa at naglagay sila ng mga e-mail handlers diba?

Talo pa sila ng SUNCEL at SKY BROADBAND pag dating sa customer service. Ay nako! Aminado ko siguro maganda nga service nyo noh? Sana lang talaga! Pero pag dating sa pag asikaso ng customers? VERY POOR! TWO THUMBS DOWN!

Kaya please lang! Paki asikaso na subscription ko. Supposedly within 42 hours mapaprocess na yun ah. Ganon sa Suncel at sa Sky Broadband eh. Wag na kayo mag bigay ng mga lame excuses. Kung customer support pa lang di na kayo maasahan, pano pa kaya sa mismong broadband service nyo? Ay ewan... I'm still looking forward kasi no choice na ko. Sana lang talaga pansinin nyo subscription ko at ayoko magwala sa opisina nyo. Nakakagigil talaga @.@

Avatar (2009)

This is a movie by James Cameron. A really great movie. I've watched in 3D. Although the cinema wasn't that good I still like the movie all in all. We watched it at SM Mega Mall last night on a last full show (LFS). We always use to do this specially on really cool movies. It didn't fail me. The truth is that my friends who joined me that night to watch it have actually already watched it before, only on a flat screen cinema. The only thing that really got into my nerves that time was that the cinema was really frustrating. We were too far from the screen, we couldn't enjoy the 3D view.

Anyway the movie was totally awesome! The concept, the story, the cinematography, the actors/actress, the soundtracks, I think everything was put in the right place. It was totally cool! I like it very much. ^_^ I spent PHP 250.oo, even if I didn't really have money left, just to watch it in 3D before it expires in the cinemas.

If I had more money, I would watch it again on a better cinema, probably at iMax cinema.But I will buy a DVD of this just to watch it over and over.


Para sa mga palaging late!!! ... tulad ko? @.@

Para kapatid kong late na naman! Late for work, he thought it was only 3:30... eh 5 O'clock pasok nya! Pa easy easy pa sha nung una... ayan taxi yan sigurado... sobrang late na eh... 4:30 na sha kumilos! @.@

Suncel Broadband for the first time you made something right

For the first time in the history of my freaking internet connection using Sun Wireless Broadband (USB Modem / 3G Signal) it made something right!

This is something that cannot be topped by my previous PLDT connection. But I still hate Sun's service on my location anyway. This amazing display of speed only happens once in a blue moon, and it's only every 3-5 in the morning. Lucky for me if I use the internet at that time. T_T What a waste of time Sun Cel. If I get to subscribe on a better one, I'll ditch you immediately!

Advice VS Principle

Don't you find it funny when you know you've got a lot of things to advise to your friends and yet you can't follow these advice? Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's annoying, I know right?

You can give really sensible ideas to a friend of yours, you can really persuade him or her to do this and not to do that. You seem to be very convincing, but when the same problem struck you, you just can't apply your own advice to yourself. That's got to be ridiculous!

Your friends would probably laugh and say, "I thought you said..." That's what they thought! Most of the time you can't really follow your own directions. It's hard to look at it from another perspective since you know it came from you, and you know yourself, do you? Can you actually lie about that? I mean, who are you kidding?

Although, sometimes I do that. I play a trick on myself. I pretend to "myself" for self-satisfaction reasons. Sometimes it also helps. But let's face it, it's not 100% working. Later you'll just realize that you're just fooling yourself.

That's why you have friends. Friends need you 'cause they know they can't figure out all the answers by themselves. They need someone to agree with them or negate their way of thinking. That's where reasoning comes in. It's hard to reason by yourself. The last time some people did that, they end up at the hospital, the one for sanity rehabilitation.

Don't do that to yourself! Don't stress yourself with things you know you can't handle on your own. The way you are with other people is also how they are to you. If you advise your friends, it's not always 100% guaranteed that they would follow it. But at least they have guidelines to abide with. That would be the same for you. You know you can't give yourself an advice. That would be very hypocritical. Maybe you can, but advice is not the right term for that. I call it principle. Principles are much easier to follow. You make a stand for yourself. But principles won't always be as strong as any other comforting thoughts from the ones you trust dearly. That's why you've got to respect your friends' advice the way they respect yours ^_^. It's not something set to be followed accordingly, it's something said to be realized.


Woah... amazing!

Can you actually believe it? I Googled my name and I found my picture on a certain social network site called NETLOG. Weird, I don't even remember that I have one. That's why I was surprised to see it in Google. I was shocked to see my own face at Google images X_X.

Yesterday, I hang out with my friends at Green Belt, Makati. They suddenly called me on the phone. I was still sleeping at that time. They disturbed my peace @_@. Anyway that was 7 in the evening actually so they told me to get up 'cause we're about to watch a movie. I said, "MOVIE MARATHON???". I had no money, I was astonished once again. I said, "WALA AKONG PERA!!!". But later they told me it was their treat so I said, "OK, so be it ^_^."

Hmmm... we were supposed to watch Sherlock Holmes, but when we get there at around 8:45PM the tickets were already sold out. Ow what a shame! We were late again. Oh well, since it was their treat I didn't argue anymore with what to watch. There, they bought Alvin and the Chipmunks "Squeakquel" >.<

But it wasn't that bad after all. It was still funny and cute, although I haven't watched the first part yet T_T. But it was still a good movie for me. At the last part I saw Charice Pempengco sang a song called "No One" by Alicia Keys?? I guess... She had a very long exposure on that movie to be frank with that. Talented little girl, I just really hate to see her perform on stage. Put her on my ears but not on my eyes. She irritates me when she overacts herself on stage. Sheezzz... But still, she was great with that... Filipino pride, eh?

Speaking of movies I really want to watch AVATAR in 3D... I just don't have the cash T_T I hope someone would go out with me and treat me again.


Kakatawa lang =p

Ahhhh! gusto ko yan listahan kami insik lagi lista lahat bayaan mo sabi ko ate glorya kulong lahat yan para linis pangalan niya pero gamit siya tide para lalong linis. Sama niya si Gibo kasi sa chinese di suwirte sa fungsoy ang pangalan Gibo para lagi talo Bigo na labas.
-natawa lang ako dito... hahahaha yan sabi nung isang intsek sa 2010 Final list of Presidential Candidates...

2010 Presidential Elections is Rattling Me

May 10, 2010 is just a few months away now. And right now, I still don't know to whom I should put my trust into and vote for this coming presidential election. According to ABS-CBN's website, as of December 2009 there are now only 8 remaining bets for the presidential position. Namely, they are:
  1. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino
  2. Joseph "Erap" Estrada
  3. Manuel "Manny Villar"
  4. Richard Gordon
  5. Jamby Madrigal
  6. Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro
  7. Eddi Villanueva
  8. John Carlos delos Reyes

Partida presidential positions pa lang pinag iisipan ko.. T_T Actually may options na ko eh. My top three (3) are Noynoy, Gordon, and Eddie.

Hmm... Noynoy, I'm actually giving him the benefit of the doubt since he's a son of two great legacy makers. Performance may not be inheritable, but the pride of his family will forever run through him. So I think, even if there's none of his political credentials that I know of, he'd still make a good leader, I hope. With him, I only believe in one thing: hindi sha corrupt na tao. So I'm also thinking of wanting to see what he can do for the country. Of course that's not my final decision. We'll see until May elections if he's worth the vote.

Gordon, I think he really is one great politician. With his outstanding records I would really put him on the list if he can convince that he will change the political system and uplift the country from debt and devastation @.@... I'm really glad about what he did to Subic. But of course that's just Subic. I mean he might lead the whole nation in the future, so can he do it? Can he lead the people out of their misery? Well, I'm thinking that if he did it once in his homeland so I might just give him this chance to do it nationally. After all, great things start from small beginnings. ^_^

Eddie, wow! I really do think that this person has that political and spiritual will to obliterate the poor system of the government and the society. He's just a preacher of course, but when you study his background, you'll find out that there were many times in history that he stood for the Filipino people. I'm just weary of him getting to mingle about church and government. I strictly don't want this to happen. I always think that the church should only be a guide to the government. He has good credentials, he has great character, he has good intentions, he has lead a vast majority of people already (in the church), so maybe he can also lead a nation. Why not?

How about the rest?

  • Erap: nope I don't think he's on my list... I just don't! OK?
  • Manny: I've posted something about this guy already... you can read it HERE
  • Jamby: I didn't even know before that she was on the presidential list. I don't think she has the capability to lead a whole nation if she can't even make herself available at times when people need to see her. She's always absent in political forums. -_-
  • Gibo: If he wasn't under GMA, if GMA won't run for another government position in the local scene, I might actually consider putting him on the list. But thanks, no thanks.
  • JC: ayayay, no comment...

AdvocaTee Shirt!

Hmmm... I was watching another Bayan Productions show at ABS-CBN, the "Kabuhayang Swak na Swak!", a while ago and I found out about this "new trend", I think?

What about it, huh? It's a new T-shirt brand called ADVOCATEE. I suppose it's a shorthand brand signature for Advocacy T-shirts. The concept of their business is to produce T-shirts with different advocacy themes like health, politics, education, etc...

Here is their website: My Advocatee Dot Com

This picture to the left is their Logo I think. >.<

I think their objective is really nice. They said they started this business in order to voice out different advocacy that people might think of through the use of T-shirt printing. The idea started with four friends who have decided to put up a business. After major brainstorming activities, they came up with this brand name and its purpose.

Here are some of their T-shirts' design and concept. Uhm... according to their website, each in all of them cost PHP300.oo

Basically, I have no problem about AdvocaTee Shirt's advocacy. They have good reasons to sell out good T-shirts like these. They probably have good quality clothes and print texture. I just don't think I would buy another one of those T-shirts that are printed with lots and lots of "Photoshop brushes" with different download-able fonts.

Errr... if there's one thing I have to suggest to these people, sell some unique designs. Wala lang, sorry talaga... madalas ako makakita ng mga ganyan and I categorize them as "hindi pinaghirapan", and for selling them at PHP 300.oo is overkill. My friends sell customized T-shirts for less than PHP 200.oo and the concepts and designs are greatly much unique than these. I mean, with all due respect, let's face it. For me, as in for me, it's not worth the price. I will buy your concept but not your design. I can even make one myself for my own personal use, but of course, the concept is already yours so I won't dare anymore.

errr... I just made another bad remarks. Forgive me for this blog, di ko lang talaga mapigilan sarili ko mag comment. Even though, I still endorse your products. It doesn't mean that I totally dislike your products anymore. Anyway, that's


Manny Villar's Jingle @.@

This is proof that everyone is getting a major LSS on this one. Made by i-don't-even-wanna-know-who.

This is Manny Villar's jingle, shown like more than 15 times a day on different TV Stations!

Sino ba naman hindi makakamemorize ng lintek na kanta na yan!

Ay nako... sa dami ng politcal media campaign nya, kung yung pinambayad nya dun eh pinamudmod nya na lang sa mahihirap baka sakaling naging bayani pa sha. Pambihira talaga! Lalo tuloy akong kinakabahan ngayon sa kanya. Hindi ko alam kung anong pwede nyang gawin after ng eleksyon kung sya man ang maiboto ng mga tao (dahil sa talagang tumatatak pagmumukha nya sa utak ng bawat pilipinong may TV) at mahalal na Presidente... Kapag nangyari yan, ay nako, wag naman sana bawiin sa bulsa ng taong bayan yang mga pinag gagastos mo jan. You're like showing more than 4 different types of ad per day at multiple times a day din kung ipakita. Mas mayaman pa sha sa regular commercials. Mas maraming beses ko pa nakita yung pagmumukha nya at narinig yung kanta nya kesa sa nakita ko yung favorite kong bagong commercial ng McDonalds at si Mr. OxyBubbles...

Hays... This next picture, I saw it from my friend's post at Tumblr.com.. and I totally agree

F*CK talaga!

New micro-blogging sites

You're aware of blogs right? You're actually reading one right now. Currently I have only 2 blogsites: Multiply.com and Blogger.com. Then I have this micro-blogging sites...

What are they anyway? I'm not really sure but as far as I am concern, Facebook and Friendster including MySpace are also micro-blog sites, aside from being a Social Network Site. Micro-blogging sites is the brief version of your typical blog site. Short posts as they would be, micro-blog sites allows you to post at only around 150 characters per post. So it seems like more of a shout out site where you and your friends can update each others statuses.

Recently, I have signed up for this micro-blog site. It's called Tumblr.com. It seems like a good site. Looks like I'm gonna have another place to go this time aside from Plurk.com and Twitter.com.