Advice VS Principle

Don't you find it funny when you know you've got a lot of things to advise to your friends and yet you can't follow these advice? Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's annoying, I know right?

You can give really sensible ideas to a friend of yours, you can really persuade him or her to do this and not to do that. You seem to be very convincing, but when the same problem struck you, you just can't apply your own advice to yourself. That's got to be ridiculous!

Your friends would probably laugh and say, "I thought you said..." That's what they thought! Most of the time you can't really follow your own directions. It's hard to look at it from another perspective since you know it came from you, and you know yourself, do you? Can you actually lie about that? I mean, who are you kidding?

Although, sometimes I do that. I play a trick on myself. I pretend to "myself" for self-satisfaction reasons. Sometimes it also helps. But let's face it, it's not 100% working. Later you'll just realize that you're just fooling yourself.

That's why you have friends. Friends need you 'cause they know they can't figure out all the answers by themselves. They need someone to agree with them or negate their way of thinking. That's where reasoning comes in. It's hard to reason by yourself. The last time some people did that, they end up at the hospital, the one for sanity rehabilitation.

Don't do that to yourself! Don't stress yourself with things you know you can't handle on your own. The way you are with other people is also how they are to you. If you advise your friends, it's not always 100% guaranteed that they would follow it. But at least they have guidelines to abide with. That would be the same for you. You know you can't give yourself an advice. That would be very hypocritical. Maybe you can, but advice is not the right term for that. I call it principle. Principles are much easier to follow. You make a stand for yourself. But principles won't always be as strong as any other comforting thoughts from the ones you trust dearly. That's why you've got to respect your friends' advice the way they respect yours ^_^. It's not something set to be followed accordingly, it's something said to be realized.

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