AdvocaTee Shirt!

Hmmm... I was watching another Bayan Productions show at ABS-CBN, the "Kabuhayang Swak na Swak!", a while ago and I found out about this "new trend", I think?

What about it, huh? It's a new T-shirt brand called ADVOCATEE. I suppose it's a shorthand brand signature for Advocacy T-shirts. The concept of their business is to produce T-shirts with different advocacy themes like health, politics, education, etc...

Here is their website: My Advocatee Dot Com

This picture to the left is their Logo I think. >.<

I think their objective is really nice. They said they started this business in order to voice out different advocacy that people might think of through the use of T-shirt printing. The idea started with four friends who have decided to put up a business. After major brainstorming activities, they came up with this brand name and its purpose.

Here are some of their T-shirts' design and concept. Uhm... according to their website, each in all of them cost PHP300.oo

Basically, I have no problem about AdvocaTee Shirt's advocacy. They have good reasons to sell out good T-shirts like these. They probably have good quality clothes and print texture. I just don't think I would buy another one of those T-shirts that are printed with lots and lots of "Photoshop brushes" with different download-able fonts.

Errr... if there's one thing I have to suggest to these people, sell some unique designs. Wala lang, sorry talaga... madalas ako makakita ng mga ganyan and I categorize them as "hindi pinaghirapan", and for selling them at PHP 300.oo is overkill. My friends sell customized T-shirts for less than PHP 200.oo and the concepts and designs are greatly much unique than these. I mean, with all due respect, let's face it. For me, as in for me, it's not worth the price. I will buy your concept but not your design. I can even make one myself for my own personal use, but of course, the concept is already yours so I won't dare anymore.

errr... I just made another bad remarks. Forgive me for this blog, di ko lang talaga mapigilan sarili ko mag comment. Even though, I still endorse your products. It doesn't mean that I totally dislike your products anymore. Anyway, that's

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