ASAP 2010 - weird

I am actually watching ASAP right now at ABS-CBN channel 2.

First, I saw Sharon Cuneta (the Mega Star) sing for Judy Ann Santos' teleserye launching. The host was emphasizing how the soap opera should be much awaited since the "Mega Star" herself, Sharon Cuneta, sang and recorded its theme song "Habang May Buhay" by Wency Cornejo and his band The After Image. It's just sad that she had to do a "lip sing" @_@.

But Shaina Magdayao was so pretty I really like her. I really wonder why John Pratts broke up with her. After the dance number lend by ASAP dancers like the group of John Pratts, Group of Shaina, and Billy Crawford and Sarah Geronimo (I don't even know why Sarah is there), the Jabbawockeez made their entrance. ASAP said that the "World Famous Dance Crew" will now be a part of their "Kapamilya" show. But I'm not really sure if they did a flop performance, or it's a technical problem, or maybe it was really just a teaser... but i think it's a flop, hahaha.

Then the lady of the Philippine remake soap opera "Ruby" showed up on stage and made a very sexy dance performance. Cool, she's really hot. Angelica Panganiban. I remember when she was still young, she was just a chubby little girl, even in her teen days. But now she has the nation's eyes on her hotness. Although I think she's not really that sexy, but I think she's hot. Congrats to Derrick Ramsey @_@.

P.S. I knew it, the Jabbawockeez had a flopped performance due to a technical problem. Hahaha the hosts admitted it. But I also had to admit, since these dancers were professionals, it was kinda hard to tell if they really lost it out there on the stage.

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