Avatar (2009)

This is a movie by James Cameron. A really great movie. I've watched in 3D. Although the cinema wasn't that good I still like the movie all in all. We watched it at SM Mega Mall last night on a last full show (LFS). We always use to do this specially on really cool movies. It didn't fail me. The truth is that my friends who joined me that night to watch it have actually already watched it before, only on a flat screen cinema. The only thing that really got into my nerves that time was that the cinema was really frustrating. We were too far from the screen, we couldn't enjoy the 3D view.

Anyway the movie was totally awesome! The concept, the story, the cinematography, the actors/actress, the soundtracks, I think everything was put in the right place. It was totally cool! I like it very much. ^_^ I spent PHP 250.oo, even if I didn't really have money left, just to watch it in 3D before it expires in the cinemas.

If I had more money, I would watch it again on a better cinema, probably at iMax cinema.But I will buy a DVD of this just to watch it over and over.

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