errr... sorry Willie, but I hate what you did here...

I was watching Wowowee the other day and I wasn't really paying attention even if I hear the contestants doing good with their talent portion. But when this one person came to stage and made his way to sing a Tom Jones hit, I immediately turned to the TV and watched. His voice was really outstanding for someone who works at a marketplace. The guy is a vendor at a certain marketplace in Manila, I can't really remember where. His name is Dario and he not only sings with a good voice, he also sings from the heart.

He first sang Tom Jones' "Fall In Love." But the audience couldn't have enough, they wanted him to sing one more. At first he said he would sing an April Boy song. But the instrumentalists don't know it so Willie said, "sing another Tom Jones hit." Willie asked him to sing "Delilah." And so he did, and he did really great. The audience were all shouting and screaming like he was some kind of an instant celebrity. Here is a video clip of the performance. ^_^

Sad to say, Willie only gave P15K for this person. Most of the time he gives 20-50K for really good performers who receives a shout for "One more!" from the audience.

I was just disappointed. I said to myself while I was pointing at the TV like a frustrated angry audience, which I am, "Oh come on! That was just worth P15K?" He can give P50K to singer contestants who are not really that great or as great as this one... I was wondering maybe Wowowee is getting lower ratings. Awww anyway I liked this performance.

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