New micro-blogging sites

You're aware of blogs right? You're actually reading one right now. Currently I have only 2 blogsites: Multiply.com and Blogger.com. Then I have this micro-blogging sites...

What are they anyway? I'm not really sure but as far as I am concern, Facebook and Friendster including MySpace are also micro-blog sites, aside from being a Social Network Site. Micro-blogging sites is the brief version of your typical blog site. Short posts as they would be, micro-blog sites allows you to post at only around 150 characters per post. So it seems like more of a shout out site where you and your friends can update each others statuses.

Recently, I have signed up for this micro-blog site. It's called Tumblr.com. It seems like a good site. Looks like I'm gonna have another place to go this time aside from Plurk.com and Twitter.com.

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