Philippine Political Campaign Jingles on the NEWS!

I was watching TV Patrol this evening when suddenly they featured the political campaign jingles of the 2010 presidential candidates. I'm guessing why... @.@

Hundreds of blogs have already stated their different opinions regarding this campaign ads including, of course, the undying jingle of Manny Villar. With the help of online media, the news has gotten easier ways of tracking hot issues being discussed all over the world.

Right now, the Philippines is focused in the 2010 Philippine National Elections. The politicians are very busy on how they can get their voters' attention, and some of them think that the best way to do that is by creating jingles that would completely ring back into people's heads until the casting of votes.

As far as I can remember, there are four candidates who have posted their political campaign jingles on national media. These are Noynoy's "Hindi Ka Nag-iisa", Bro. Eddie's "Eddie Ako", Gibo's "Posible", and the ever menacing Manny Villar's "Naging Mahirap."

Noynoy's "Hindi Ka Nag-iisa" was composed by a well-known singer and composer in the Philippines, Ogie Alcasid, and sang by Asia's Song Bird, Regine Velasquez. The song was somehow in tribute to Noynoy's parents who were both legendary in the world of Philippine Politics. The first man to revolutionize People Power by dying for the people, and the first woman president of the Philippines who drove away the steel arms of Former President Marcos.

Bro. Eddie also released a jingle who was sang by Pinoy fastest-rapper, Gloc 9. I'm not sure who composed the song but I do believe it is original.

Gibo Teodoro reused the song "Posible" by Rivermaya, composed by Rico Blanco. The news said that composer Rico Blanco and the producer of that song went mad and angry about Gibo using the song for his own good without prior notice. The song was said to be a failed one. Gibo never asked for permission to use the song, and even if he did, it wasn't granted.

Last is the Major LSS of all Filipino People. It was originally composed by someone who supports Manny Villar. You can find the lyrics and video here. ABS-CBN says that apart from all the rest, this one is the most popular. I agree to that; however, I could not agree more when they said that the song was actually catchy and cool that's why it became so popular. Who couldn't memorize that jingle if it hasn't been playing for more than 15 times a day in different TV stations?

And come on for crying out loud, I am done with this thing... @.@


  1. Who couldn't memorize that jingle if it hasn't been playing for more than 15 times a day in different TV stations? <--- haha... nice one!