Woah... amazing!

Can you actually believe it? I Googled my name and I found my picture on a certain social network site called NETLOG. Weird, I don't even remember that I have one. That's why I was surprised to see it in Google. I was shocked to see my own face at Google images X_X.

Yesterday, I hang out with my friends at Green Belt, Makati. They suddenly called me on the phone. I was still sleeping at that time. They disturbed my peace @_@. Anyway that was 7 in the evening actually so they told me to get up 'cause we're about to watch a movie. I said, "MOVIE MARATHON???". I had no money, I was astonished once again. I said, "WALA AKONG PERA!!!". But later they told me it was their treat so I said, "OK, so be it ^_^."

Hmmm... we were supposed to watch Sherlock Holmes, but when we get there at around 8:45PM the tickets were already sold out. Ow what a shame! We were late again. Oh well, since it was their treat I didn't argue anymore with what to watch. There, they bought Alvin and the Chipmunks "Squeakquel" >.<

But it wasn't that bad after all. It was still funny and cute, although I haven't watched the first part yet T_T. But it was still a good movie for me. At the last part I saw Charice Pempengco sang a song called "No One" by Alicia Keys?? I guess... She had a very long exposure on that movie to be frank with that. Talented little girl, I just really hate to see her perform on stage. Put her on my ears but not on my eyes. She irritates me when she overacts herself on stage. Sheezzz... But still, she was great with that... Filipino pride, eh?

Speaking of movies I really want to watch AVATAR in 3D... I just don't have the cash T_T I hope someone would go out with me and treat me again.

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