Music Launch Box

Guys I've managed to pull some time to create another site where you guys could finally set your calendars for some OPM Gig schedules. This is not an official site for scheduled activities. I just realized that it's really hard to search the internet for schedules especially for gig finders in the OPM scene.

I've experienced this a lot. So I gathered all of my favorite OPM Bands including some OPM Bands that are very much wanted on stage. I gathered them by searching all official and fan-made sites. I realized that social network and blog sites are the most common source of information these bands use so I immediately searched every band on my list at Facebook. And there, almost all of them have official and semi-official fan pages. I joined every page even the ones that I don't intend to join to. Then everyday, every week, or every end and start of the month I check for schedule updates and post them on this new blog site that I made. It's called Music Launch Box.

I admit that not all of the scheduled gigs are accurate since some bands discontinue their schedules the day before or even on the day itself. This happens because most of these bands schedule their gigs one week to one month ahead.

Nevertheless, I tell you, it still is a good source of OPM band gig schedules. I benefit from it myself. I have this calendar on my desktop linked to my google calendar. This way, it keeps me updated of band scheduled gigs. Well, that's all for now. I hope you like it. Enjoy ^_^