Cariño Brutal na si Anxiety

Actually i've been having some problems with my client, too. It pops a message that says:
Unexpected program error occurred!!! Ragnarok will be shutdown because of unexpected program error!!!... etc...
The truth is, I also don't know how to solve this shit. All I do is just ignore it by not closing it, but by setting it aside and continue on playing in the game. I've been actually waiting for GM's to post their message on the message board regarding this problem, but it seems that this is all they can say:
Before you ask 'Why your game isn't working' or anything similar to that take notice to the few following advices I do ever give you.

1. Make sure you have RO and RO Renewal Clients Upto Date. We no longer use Sakray, so to hell with that.
-> Don't be retarded, get the full installer for a higher possibility of a successful install -_-

2. Patch your clients in the following order.
Ragnarok.exe -> RORenewal.exe -> BlackoutRO Patcher.

3. Make sure to check your settings in the setup.exe located in your Blackout RO Directory
For Graphic Card Settings, and Sound etc.

4. Turn off any bullshit programs you think / know is illegal because our prevention program is detecting it assholes.

5. Run the game, and try logging in.

If you recieve any of the following errors..
    -> "Failed to Connect" -> "Please install and/or patch the latest version of Ragnarok Renewal / Blackout" -> "Rejected from Server".

Turn your heads to this file http://j.mp/bRO-repair-dl
Download it, place it in your Blackout Folder, and Run it. Then press Repair.
[ If the repair tool happened to fail for you, try using the alternative method for getting the patch files required to play by following this thread : http://board.blackout-gaming.net/?showtopic=36830 ONLY TEMPORARY FIX ]

Try running the game again.

If all else fails you are THEN free to submit a ticket @ http://board.blackout-gaming.net/index.php...om=ticketsystemAnxiety | April 6th, 2010
- Quoted from BLACKOUT RO's message board

Frankly i haven't tried doing all of this. But repatching and all doesn't do the trick. Although I haven't tried uninstalling and reinstalling the whole thing back again like what i did before that did the trick. If you are a Blakcout RO player and you know how to solve this directly, please respond to this post.

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