I haven't blog since March... Maybe now is the time to start a new blog... Happy April Fools Day people! ^_^

Oh! I really miss this outing. I miss these guys. These guys always used to hang out on really out of town trips. On April 3, 2010 I'm gonna have an overnight trip with some friends again. Not the same friends you see on the picture on the right. A different set of friends. I'm talking about my band mates. It's been so long since we got back together again. We decided to hang out on Saturday. Chill on the pool and stay overnight at my house at the province. Not much of a province, really. It's just Dasma. But yeah, we plan to do swimming in the morning until the afternoon, then get picked up by my father towards home. Probably we'll have some drink there while jamming and telling unforetold stories of our lives when we were all dealing with our own selves. Then most probably we will be practicing all day long the next day, and then eventually go back home to the city before nightfall.

Today, April Fools Day, I could have been with a friend right now because they planned to do a "Bisita Iglesia." At first I didn't know what it means. Shame on me, a pure Roman Catholic, doesn't know about that Filipino - Roman Catholic tradition. But anyway, when I found out what it was for, my friend decided to go alone since my other friend backed out. Maybe he'll just go with family instead of friends. I really feel sorry about that, somehow...

About "Bisita Iglesia", I was really alarmed I didn't know about it. Well to start with, Bisita Iglesia is a form of Filipino Tradition (I don't know if this is also done on some parts of the world). In Bisita Iglesia, you visit several churches (at least 7, that's what I learned from the internet) and pray the station of the cross as you move from one church to another.

This picture was taken at Mt. Maculot. me with my brothers and cousins
(From left to right: Me, Ate Janice, Kuya Abe, July)

It's like a penitence, like the one we used to do during Holy Week, climbing mountains with stations of the cross and pray on every station. As far as I recall, I've done this at Mount Maculot at Batangas and at a Mountain in Melgar, Oriental Mindoro, where they called it 333 Steps, if I am not mistaken.

It's sad I couldn't join the "Alay Lakad" with my friends at Antipolo anymore. I couldn't also join the Bisita Iglesia anymore because they decided to discontinue the plan. Now, I'm left with going at the house of my friend's friend, who's going to be married soon this April. I need to get the multiplex copy of the songs I'm supposed to sing on her wedding day. Yeah, she took me as her wedding singer, and I'm pretty sure I'm not that good anymore. Oh well, just for a friend's request, I would.

Well, that's all folks! Happy April Fools Day and a Blessed Holy Week..

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