Just got home from the outing

So many things happen when you're not around... What's the use of asking when you already know the answer (LOL). Let's just close our eyes, cover our ears, and let's pretend that we neither see nor hear anything... - quoted from my plurk
I just got home from an outing with a couple of friends, my band mates and their girlfriends to be exact. Should I really call that outing? Well, for them that maybe outing because it was an out of town event, but for me, that was just nearly beside the barangay where my permanent address is. o.O but it was really a fun outing. I had fun, really, so much fun! ^_^ Thanks to you guys...

Before and after the swimming, we practiced some of our old compositions. It was really great because we managed to play it like we were pro, when in fact we just got back together from a very long time. And as far as I remember, the last time we played those songs, it was really not that good.

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