South Harbor: Costa Classica

Look at that big smile of mine, and everybody else smile... that's the sign that we are all glad to have each other side by side as a family.

Our family picture at the Costa Classica that docked last March 1, two thousand and ten at the South Harbor, Manila Bay.

From the left, that's my father, eldest brother, elder brother, me, and my lovely but "makulit" mother.

It's always only once in a blue moon whenever our whole family get together. This is just one of the blue moons I'm talking about.

My big brother, who is 2nd to the left on the picture, works in this gigantic cruise ship managed by the Magsaysay company. Well, my brother told us that it's not really that gigantic. The last ship he went on board was twice as big as this, and yet this ship is twice as big as Super Ferry already. It's quite tiring walking the ship up and down from end to end. I could hardly imagine how tiring it would be to walk end to end on the larger ship he just told us about.

We went inside for a tour. The first picture on the top left is taken inside the theater. This picture to the right is where the casino is. It's quite a great place to be specially when you love gambling. I like poker, and i was so astonished when i saw the poker table.

This is my mother and father, behind them are different card game tables. The one directly behind them is a poker table.

I haven't tried playing in a casino before. It's because I don't have the funds to do so, and also maybe no experience, too. But being here is quite amazing already. Thanks bro, for bringing us here.

I couldn't find the photo of this ship from the outside, where it shows how big and long this ship is.
--- I'll upload it later ---

This is the bar area (the picture to the left). How I wished my brother took the picture professionally to show us that it is a bar o.O

This other picture (picture to the right) is the on the opposite side of the bar. It's the stage where musicians perform. I'd love to be a part of that. ^_^

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