Summarizing April

Hmmm... April is soon to end. What are the events that happened? It's been weeks since I last blogged about something. I can see that the last was April 14 where I got struck by a certain article concerning Filipinos and how our race has been discriminated by some people from the other side of the world.

Let's see. If I'm not mistaken, it's either April 15 or 16 when I started pulling my feet outside my own comfort zone to walk along the famous Ayala, Makati City to look for some job opportunities. Fortunately I was with a friend who had been an ex-employee of the same company where I am applying to. So he accompanied me since he was also on a mission to get his job back. Another fortunate event that happen, the most unexpected of all is that I passed every round of the interviews and tests of that company. And on the same day, I signed a contract with them.

The Monday that came in after I was hired, I was sent to the site where I was supposed to have my orientation. I met a boyish girl there. She's got looks and I think she's cute enough but I didn't plan on taking her number anymore. One day of acquaintance is good enough. I'm glad to know I could still hook up with -- and make new friends.

After the orientation, I submitted my pre-employment requirements and I was prompted to wait for their call regarding the schedule of when our training would start. The training was supposed to start last April 20, Tuesday. But I received a text message coming from the HR saying that training was postponed until further notice. Sad thing is that up til now I receive no call from them. When will i ever get to start? o.O

Then April 22 passed by, not much of being bitter, this was the mark of the 5th month since I last broke up with her. Now it's the 27th so it's supposed to be our 2 years and 7 months, if !!! we hadn't had that break-up. Oh well. It's been decided upon already. I don't want to bring the past back anymore. I want to move forward and have some life.

Last Saturday April 24, I was at my friend's son's christening day. Congratulations again, it's been so long since we've seen each other. The baby was really cute. I was late at the event, actually. Although I arrived at the ceremony, still I was a little bit too late. After the baptism, we went to the reception area. Man! the food was great. I got really full. After the reception, we went to their house to have a few more chats with each other, a couple of drinks, and a couple of jamming sessions. That's the time they invited me to join them on another wedding event. We're going to perform on Friday at a place called (I actually forgot where it is).

Ohhh I totally fogot. back then last April 10, I was a wedding singer at my friends' wedding. It was really an honor. If they only knew what we've been through... LOL.

Oh anyway, I guess that summarizes my story for April 2010. The next important date I should mark should be MAY 10, 2010. It's the election day. I still don't even know whom to vote for. I don't have a list or what. That's it... Till the next blog comes in!


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