let's just unite, nothing could be more powerful than unity

let me quote this from my tumblr blog. this message is not just for the filipinos who have recently casted votes for national and local government officials. this is for all of you who look forward to a better nation. our future is not in our leader's hands... they are only there to lead us. the future is in each and everyone of us. so if one wants change, we should all look at ourselves and start from within.

since my bet conceded and gave way to support the winner… let’s just unite and give hope to the “new philippines”… let’s hope and pray that the man behind the shadow of the yellow ribbon could make a better change in the failing history of the philippines
wala na tayong magagawa ngayon… it has been done. the people have decided. we are all a part of it. no one can blame anyone. all we could do now is to trust and hope that there is still chance for us to grow as a whole, as a country. let’s put aside all our angst, all our hates. it will never help solve the crises that we’ve faced, been facing, and are about to face. let’s just all struggle to work together.
the future of this land doesn’t only rely on the hands of the top government officials. each and everyone of us has his own role. so don’t blame it on your brother. don’t blame it on your sister. don’t blame it on your father or your mother. don’t blame it on your governor, or senator, or vice-president, or the president. we are all to start anew. begin with one’s self. look in the mirror and erase that ugly image. change the ugly behaviors and the bad attitudes. if you want the country to be good, be good… and be the country!
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