A message to Kat

A message to Katrina Manalo, from Abe.

At around 6:55 P.M. (18:55) GMT +8:00 today! I sent a private message to Kat on Yahoo Messenger. We had this talk yesterday about how I was feeling. Not the mushy thing, alright? This physical abnormality that I am experiencing right now since yesterday, that was what we've talked about. We were kidding around and fooling around like kids saying that, "oh! could it be Dysmenorrhea?" (take note, I'm a guy) because it was caused by abdominal pain - and so we laughed about it. Although, I knew it was something funny to talk about, I decided yesterday that I should see my doctor today. (It could have been this afternoon) But I wasn't able to make it. I got a migraine and it was more than a pain in the ass. So I decided to let it pass. I slept for a while. When I woke up, the sun was already out. I just realized that the doctor is not anymore in her clinic.

I texted my mother, told her everything that happened. They asked me to come home to the town-side. I said I can't 'cause my work could call any moment, and besides I need to submit my pre-employment requirements on Monday which is actually way overdue already. (Stupid me)

Anyway here's the message to Kat since she didn't answer me back...
i think this is ulcer
shame on me di ako nakapag pa doctor kanina
nakatulog ako sa sakit ng ulo
i've searched the web. all descriptions match what i feel since yesterday
i told myself, "it feels like a sore throat, only in the stomach, that whenever food or liquid passes throught it, it hurts like hell". so i said if there's such a thing called as sore stomach, then that's it. i searched for it... wallah! ===>> ulcer
i just do hope that it doesn't come to the point that my stomach forms a hole in itself and spill everything i eat. that would really be troublesome - not for the body... but for the money they would again have to spend on my medications. that would mean like surgery? eww! i can't imagine them borrowing money again from different parts of the world
this is so pathetic. i hate this feeling. i don't want to be the cause of money loss again. but the truth is, the source of all my problems is still "no money to buy food" LOL. it sounds funny but it really is an irritating situation.
Wew! I can't imagine me actually telling myself I have ulcer. It's like telling myself, "Hey! you're doomed". Well, the sad thing is that I came up with this conclusion because up 'till now I'm still feeling this old shit on my upper belly. I feel like being stabbed by a knife all the time. I feel as though a pointed material is driven through my stomach, below my chest-bone, and twisted 10 times a day.

These are the symptoms I found on the net via my best friend GOOGLE.
  • A gnawing or burning pain in the abdomen between the breastbone and the navel. The pain is usually worse a couple of hours after a meal or in the middle of the night when the stomach is empty.(ultra check)
  • Nausea (well I haven't experienced this yet)
  • Vomiting (nope)
  • Loss of appetite (i think so?)
  • Loss of weight (I'm not sure)
  • Tiredness (a symptom of a bleeding ulcer) - (I'm not sure... I hope not. I can't compare tiredness from lousiness, I'm always lousy)
  • Weakness (a symptom of a bleeding ulcer) - (I'm not really sure, I think I still feel the same "lousy")
  • Blood in vomit or stool. When blood is in the stool, it appears tarry or black (symptom of a bleeding ulcer). - (haven't seen any)

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