CD-R King... LOL

Did you know na napaka-popular ng pangalan na to sa industriya ng mga gadgets at kung anu-ano pang mga sari-saring bilihin with regards to technology? Amazing! Actually, it's so much amazing that from the name CD-R King, pinanindigan na nila yung term na KING! As in naghahari talaga sila when it comes to these kinds of merchandises.

First of all, they have really low rates when it comes to their merchandises. I’m not really sure if they have the lowest rates nationwide, but you know what? They’ve already conquered the entire nation and pulverized their names to every SM, or Robinson’s malls, and even on small time establishments. 

It first became popular when they started selling out CDs. Yes! That’s why it’s called CD-R King. And back then, CD-Rs and CD-RWs where very important to almost all computer enthusiasts and computer wanna-be’s. Most of the time, people buy these low cost CDs to copy original songs ripped off from original CDs and then sell it on the non-taxed market of the Philippines (once you get to the Philippines, you’ll immediately understand what I’m talking about). It’s piracy actually! I know, I know. It’s banned and forbidden by the law, but these persistent merchants are like ants (HINDI SILA NAUUBOS). Once you drive them away, they keep on coming back, and this time their smarter, more equipped, prepared, and they grow in numbers. Just to give you an example, Quiapo and Baclaran… You can never see them gone. Ahhh…so that’s why CDs became so popular in the Philippines. And maybe that’s also the reason why they expanded their business from selling simple CDs to CDs plus some gadgets.

Before, people use CDs as a type of storage. Flash disks where not yet available in those times. If you have a CD, you’re cool. If you have an MD, you’re even cooler. Nah! That’s just crap. When flash disks came out of the market, it also came to CD-R King. Ha Ha! Funny! Well at least it’s somehow connected to CDs being a type of storage. That’s still forgivable. After that was just too cool already. They began selling mp3 players (the USB type). Not bad, actually. The best part is when they started selling computer peripherals. You can now buy low cost mouse, keyboard, and computer speakers. Hmm… quite interesting! Nag simula sa CDs, nagkaron ng USB Flash disks, at ngayon naman ay mga computer peripherals.  Not bad! It goes to show that their business is actually growing.

Right now, when you visit CD-R King, you will start to think, “dapat ata palitan na nila ng USB King yung shop nila.” Well, they happen to be the home of tools and gadgets with the lowest prices (as far as I know), reliable enough for people to switch to. They have all sorts of USB products: USB storage device, USB lamp, USB keyboard/mouse, USB speaker, USB microphone, USB cellphone charger, and a whole lot more. They seem to be banking on universal stuffs. I guess that made them a really one-stop-shop for gadget finders. It’s like “ask and you will receive”, like almost everything is there. “Do you have a…”, “...yes sir!”; “do you have this thing called…”, “…what type?”

It’s like you don’t even need to ask anymore. Look around first, then point and buy. “I want that one!” something like that. And fair enough, compared to other stores, they have their prices down to half! Not to mention my mouse is branded CD-R King! LOL… well if you’re really looking for cheap materials, I’d suggest this place. But if you’re into quality, still go to promising stores. Of course, these stores won’t sell you anything for less than what it's worth. You will definitely get it for how much it’s worth.

Moving on, as I am still astounded by CD-R King’s general merchandise when it comes to gadgets and electronic tools and equipments, I’m actually surprised to see that they even have LCD projectors. I saw a customer purchased one and I said to myself, “Are you sure about that?” that’s not sold for a cheap price anymore. Yes I know they might have a cheaper price but still, it will cost him 5 digits to settle that amount. Oh well, who am I to meddle with their business? I even have CD-R King mouse for crying out loud! Fair enough, I had it for almost a year now and it’s still not breaking apart. Awww, makes me proud. LOL

Now I won’t really be surprised if the next time I visit one of their stores I can actually see a refrigerator or washing machine @_@. They seem to have everything. They should be named, General Merchandise King. In Filipino: Sari-Sari Store King. Nah! Just kidding… I even look forward to buy a low cost mixer in their shop. I do hope they have one. I just need a small one and a cheap one.

But I really wouldn’t be surprised anymore if they start selling USB-powered Dish Washers and all that. :p