Wishes and Dreams

This is the next page of my journal for this day. Man! am I not in the zone for writing my own life again? It's a good thing I'm writing about more sensible stuffs now unlike before. Oh well, that is the past. I know, I know. I'd been an asshole for publishing senseless posts just to rant my nerve-exploding feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Well, it's better than keeping it to myself. Blogging does sometimes help to unload unnecessary vibes in the mind and body, and soul? Whatever...

Right now, I really want to speak out about my wishes. Christmas is coming. A couple of weeks and then poof! there's the one time, big time family reunion again. And this time I'm not so sure anymore if I can attend that big day. Work is toxic and it's limiting my every move. I hate this job actually. But I'm trying to learn how to conquer it so I won't get bored. I love the basic pay anyway. But how I wish I could be free on the day of the family get-together. It really happens only once in a blue moon. And it's only now that my brother's present to celebrate it with us. The problems is, my schedule is with pure uncertainty. Whatever happens, I will absent myself from duty and spend quality time with my family, even if it costs me my job. There're lots of jobs out there. I know that my current company provides good salary and benefits but not much for a good environment. But I should be ready; otherwise, I'll find myself shitting under my bed's comforter. Eww, just kidding!

But I really wish I could find a way to make money out of my outdated skills. That's why I'm doing my best to study on my own again. I'm trying to learn scripts and programming languages I've learned before and those that I haven't even seen in action. I want to get my fingers back to my keyboard and explore that mouse pointer to create a masterpiece and embed it on the web to earn some cash. I just hope it pays off. But it will take a while for me to learn new things again. It's not that simple. Nothing is really easy. It will probably become easy once you get halfway of that halfway, if you know what I mean...

Ahhh... wishes... I wish there was a nearby coffee shop here at our place so I can just sit by and relax with a mug of blended coffee within my reach. Probably Seattle's Best Coffee! And how I wish I have someone to talk to in front of me when I do sit by a coffee shop. I don't wanna play "emo" all of a sudden being all by myself.

Alas! I'm back with my wish for having a simple and normal life. I mean, sitting by a coffee shop ain't that much of a complex life. I've always wanted things to be just as simple as they were. Then there was this past 3 years of my life when I wanted everything to be so complicated. Ahhh the headache of making those things come to life. Just wanted to make things simple again. And I'm glad that I'm contented with aspirations like that.

Home Sweet Home

Ahhhh... here I am. I found myself relaxing this very afternoon at our very own residence, the province of Dasmariñas, Cavite. Well, technically it was declared City of Dasmariñas already but to me it's still the place for a home sweet home.

The cool breeze, the windy atmosphere, and the fresh air, how I love them all. I came into my senses again and it made me think, I'd rather live here than stay at that drastic City of Manila. Noisy streets, polluted air, heavy traffic, name it! There is an abundance of those things there.

SM Dasmariñas Mall
Qubo Qabana (Nearby Resort)
Before, I was actually objecting at my parents decision to live here. It's only now that I realize, this is really better than city life. As long as there is a community and not pure jungle, it's pretty much everything to me. I have my internet connection, a cellphone, a TV service, electricity, nearby malls, restaurants, and a couple of resorts, pretty much enough for me to enjoy this place. It's even near Tagaytay. And Laguna is also just at a close distance so whenever we need to go somewhere else for outing, it would be a great choice.

It's much better to stay in a quiet place where you know you'll have peace and you have your family with you. At some point I am far from my city friends, and to be honest I haven't made any friends here yet since we moved more than 5 or 6 years ago, but what the heck? The City "city" is just a couple of kilometers away. A Maximum of 1 and a half hour is the only barrier to the heart of the Metro. From there I can meet up with friends again and do my usual city stuffs. And who knows, maybe not far from now I'll be able to know people from this vicinity, anyway.

I'm actually thinking, is it really worth it? ...to work nor live in the Metro which everyone's been dreaming of? Well, salary is one thing. But if I can find a workplace near this home of mine that will answer all my bills and all my basic necessities, I will not think twice and I'll grab the opportunity 'cause it's much better to be here than there. I should know. I've been there, done that, and Manila life is nothing but a lousy way of living. I'd rather stay here with my folks, live a life and make it worthwhile.

Right now, I'm already thinking of what could possibly make me stay here and earn some without going to the city anymore. I just like it to be my vacation spot or chill spot. I've nothing to do there actually, besides work. And work is toxic out there. If I'd be doing the same thing, Id' better do it here where I have the option to rest my mind at ease and think of nothing else but peace and prosperity. Doesn't sound like me, really. Ha Ha! Salary may not be the same thing, but regarding expenses it actually sums up to the same old shit.

So hopefully I could find something to work this out. Probably I could encourage my brother to establish a small scale business here, or me working here on whatever job I may qualify for. What do you guys think?

... or maybe I should just do what my brother wants me to do... finish my course and graduate. Well, that's one thing I'd love to do. But I will not gamble my chances. There should be a guaranteed way to earn for some money first before I jump to that conclusion. I don't wanna go to school again and wait for my allowance. I wanna earn it myself. They can take care of my school fees but not my allowance. That's too much to bear.


Random Trip to Laguna: Pansol, Calamba and the Seven Lakes of San Pablo

Yesterday was Friday, October 15 and that was the last day of our random trip to Laguna.

It was an overnight trip. We planned it days or weeks before but I never really had the chance to join them for the last two weeks. Two of my officemates had been to Pansol, Laguna already for the hot springs two times for the last two weeks. And I was supposed to join them but I never get to because of some personal problems.

And then this one time they invited everyone in the batch. There were supposedly 9 of us to join the trip but most of them backed out. Only the third girl in the batch was able to make it. And I couldn't have joined them once again if only they didn't tried to push for more. Although I really liked to go, it just so happened that problems kept on pouring in that time and I was really in a deep frustration. But they managed to persuade me anyway.

So on the night of October 14, Thursday, I packed my things and made my way out of the house. Our meeting place was at Jollibee, Alabang just across the South Station and Starmall. It took me 2 hours to get there by bus from my place. It took us around 45 minutes to get to Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. We stopped in front of Monte Vista Resort & Hotel and directly across the street would be the target resort which is Hacienda R (Hacienda "Rosa").

It was a really nice place just along the highway or the main road and it's directly in front of the Monte Vista Resort & Hotel. There's even a Max's Chicken Restaurant across the street, too. But we brought our own food, anyway. It's so relaxing to enjoy the peaceful night of Pansol, Calamba. It's so quiet and breezy. Vehicles rarely pass by the streets and the air is so damn fresh. Nothing can really better fresh air from the province. If I could only bring it to Manila.

The Hacienda R Resort was big. I believe there were 3 pools. At least that's what I saw. There are air-conditioned rooms. Cottages and tables are also available. There's a swing in front of the resort store. There is also a kiddie pool. The pool waters are warm and the source of the water is really hot. I believe it's natural hot spring water. We chose the bigger pool. I think it was more than 7 feet deep and it starts at 5 feet, I guess, but that was just 1/8 of the whole pool and the rest of the pool was deep enough already.

It was big enough since there were only four of us enjoying the stay at the resort. There were no other customers aside from us that day we went there so it was like we rented a private resort, when in fact we didn't. We even got 10% discounts on our entrance rate. The people there are very accommodating and approachable they even lend us the cottage even if we just paid the table fees.

Overall it was a really relaxing place to be at. I never tried the rooms though but I'd love to try it when I go back there. The water is so warm to moderate hot. Even if the place is cold because of the cool breeze since we're on the mountain side, you'll be relaxed by the temperature of the water. And the flow of the hot water to the pool massages your skin and muscles when you try to force your body against it. We even took a nap by the pool stairs with our bodies soaked to the warm water. It's really a great feeling. I love to go back to that place again.

c/o google maps
It was just so frustrating that we didn't brought a camera with us. None of us bothered to even remember bringing one. Well, we do have camera phones but it wasn't good enough to capture everything. And my phone was used to play radio before we dipped to the pool without even realizing that my battery has already been drained too much that it only had one bar left on the battery monitor. So we weren't able to shoot pictures of us having really a great time at that very nice place. I mean they were right, I would really find myself relaxing the whole day. The videoke was also great. We were not able to sing a lot of songs like what we always do but everything was so fine. The trip was full of laughter and relaxation. It's really a pity we don't have a picture of the place.

If you need to contact this place, it's (049) 244 3093

Receipts of Travel and Food Trips
(The only Evidence)
After that we even planned to go somewhere else, and that place was San Pablo. They were talking about the Seven Lakes of San Pablo so we thought of going there before going home. It was another long drive at around 45 minutes from Hacienda R. The jeepney driver asked us to pay 40 Pesos each so that we don't need to ride a tricycle anymore.  And we just found out that it was only a 5-minute walk from the jeepney drop point, duh. But anyway, we got to the first lake. It's called the Sampaloc Lake. The locals said that it would be a 3.7 km stroll around the perimeter of the Sampaloc Lake. It was a cool place. We were WOWing all the time. LOL

We wondered why it was called the Sampaloc Lake. The barangay was called V-A or probably it meant Five-A. Then one of us said, "hey look around... there are a lot of Sampaloc trees." She even said, "that's Sampaloc, right?" and I was like, LOL? Hahaha. But yeah she was right. There were Sampaloc Trees all around and maybe it's the reason why it was called the Sampaloc Lake.

Well, like what I said, "What a pity." Because we don't have cameras and we were whining along like "Sayang walang camera...", "Baket kasi walang camera?", "tara picture tayo!" LOL

Sampaloc Lake, San Pablo, Laguna
But I found a picture in the world wide web. Here's just to present you how it looks like. I don't took this picture. It's not mine. I just got it from google search LOL.

But anyway, it was really a good place to visit and a nice scenery to see. We ate at a restaurant and I think it's called ClydenJosh Grill & Restaurant. At least that's how they spelled it. I think it meant Clyde and Josh. It was just beside the Lake so we had a fine view of the Lake while we were eating the very fine dishes that they served. Really locally made. They also serve American dishes but we wanted to taste the local specialty available in that place.

******* Starting here, I will insert some personally taken pictures (courtesy of Czar)

CLYDENJOSH  Grill and Restaurant

Sampaloc Lake (photo by Czar)
We ordered a group meal called "Yambo Lake Bilao". One thing I remembered is that we were served with mushroom soup, and it was a lot of mushroom soup. There was this big squid and they called it "Binusog na Pusit" and it was the center of attraction, the talk of the table, LOL. It comes with spare ribs and crab & cheese sticks that was really tasty. There was also this ensaladang talong. It's talong with red egg, tomato, onion, gelatin, a pitcher of cold Iced Tea and who knows what else. The meal was good for four but since I dined with ladies it seems to be good for 5. But since the ladies I dined with were not on a diet we still managed to finish the set. And it was so fine. No regrets. I would really like to go back there and try to dine at their sort of a tree house area.

ClydenJosh Restaurant (Photo by Czar)

Here's the picture of the restaurant. But anyway, you should visit this place. It's really nice. It's a tourist spot and if you like places like this, you'll love being here. I mean I'm not into lakes but I liked it so much specially the food from ClydenJosh Grill Restaurant.

Now I took out this excerpt from a website to give a brief information about the lake.
Sampaloc Lake (photo by Czar)
Sampaloc Lake and its Legend, according to a legend, the lake derived its name from a giant tamarind (sampalok) tree in the garden of a selfish couple who drove away a fairy disguised as a beggar asking for some fruit. 
Hardly an hour after the old man left, there was a thundering noise followed by the cracking of the earth. It become a colossal pit which was eventually filled with water

The Tilapia Monument (joke)

According to this website, the lake has an area of 104 hectares and a maximum depth of 27m. Cool!

These are some pictures that I saw on the web. I don't own them. I just saw them through google, I just want to share them with you, alright?

Now this sculpture on the picture on the left is a Big Tilapia. In english it's called St. Peter's Fish. This sculpture was donated by Mr. and Mrs Agahan, and I will never forget that name. People here do really like food, don't they?

Side Walk Stores
Now these are the stores on the sidewalk of the street along the Sampaloc Lake. It's a Sari-Sari Store or a variety store.

There are also bikes that you can rent. There are even side-cars or what we call tri-bike and you will just pay the biker to stroll you around the lake.


Testing the New HP Printer / Scanner / Copier

We just bought a 3-in-1 hp product yesterday. I was actually looking for a new phone and an LED Samsung monitor when I came across this printer. I remembered I needed a printer, too. While I was canvasing prices and brands, the sales person told me that there is only like a 200 peso difference between a scanner and an all-in-1 product.

He offered me two products (HP and Canon). But I think I like HP better. It's not top of the line among HP products but HP Deskjet F2480 will do. We don't use it for heavy purposes. Just for personal use. And since it's 3-in-1, the price is not that bad. The printer I was planning to buy from canon was just 1 thousand pesos cheaper. Since my brother was looking for a scanner and me looking for a printer, we decided to purchase this one so that we don't need to buy it separately which will definitely cost us more. It's not even that much big of a necessity.

But I just tested it and it seems to be doing its purpose. Hopefully it lasts a long time. I just remembered the sales person offering a 2-year (extended) warranty instead of just 1-year warranty. Because originally it has a year warranty, but he tried to offer us an extended warranty for additional PHP1.2k I guess. He told us it's for a free replacement. Because with a year warranty we can only bring it for repair within the warranty period, but with a 2 year warranty they will replace it with a brand new one if it fails within the 2-year warranty period. LOL, my brother started asking, "why? does it only last for 2 years?" And I thought, "good question, bro!"

Here are some sample scanned pictures
Dasmariñas, Cavite (House in the making)
Dasmariñas, Cavite (House almost done)


Rock and Roll

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Why mommy is not around anymore LMAO

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Pensonic Videoke Player

There, now my parents are going crazy singing along with this videoke tool. It's not so cool but it's fine. It has a lot of songs, old and new, OPM/POP/and sentimental songs, love songs and a whole lot more. But personally, I wouldn't vote for it. I didn't even vote for it. I'm wondering why they still bought it. They must really be drooling to have a videoke at home. Because most of our neighbors keep on singing every night with their own videoke galore. Well, it's their money anyway. Let them be happy.

I tried it myself and I said, "hmmmm.... pwede na?". It's a midi videoke. No background vocals, midi background music, and sometimes it's delayed. Lyrics overlap the screen. Hmmm it's in China, what else should I expect. It's an imitation of Panasonic if I'm not mistaken, that's why it's called Pensonic.

Fair enough, it has a lot of new songs from 2010. And considering it's made in China, it prioritizes OPM songs. It even has Urbandub songs. LOL... The manual is so frustrating. You'd better study it by yourself and discover how to use it on your own. Don't refer to the manual anymore. You'll just get headaches.

Some of the remote function buttons don't work. LOL. It's just like the videoke that you see on resorts. Yung hinunulugan ng coins. And guess what? This videoke player that we bought has the same characteristics. You can set it up for business. You just need to build a shell LOL.

My Big Brother is Back

At sa wakas ay dumating na rin ng Pilipinas ang inaabang abangang kuya. Balita ko may bago daw akong sapatos, pero wala pa naman akong nakikita. Pero ang sarap ng chocolates. Dami na naman naming gadgets na dati naman ay wala kame. Dahil sa totoo lang ay simple lang naman kame.

Meron shang dalang DJ Mixer. Akala mo mag tatayo kame ng mini Bar. Mahilig kasi kuya ko sa house party. And instead of hiring pro DJs, sha na lang bumili ng DJ equipment. Maliit lng to, di sha pang pro. Kinakabit sa computer tapos ang software nya eh DJ Mix. Astig nga eh. Pati mga Disco lights bumili sha. Kulang na lang pati yung strobe light bumili sha. Ang alam ko nga meron kaming flicker eh.

Balak ko pa sana bumili ng ipod dock. Meron na pala sha, Altec Lansing pa. Akalain mo yun? Kaya nya pala ko tinatanong kasi baka mag doble-doble.

Anlupet ng bagong laptop nya. Sony VAIO na naman. Yup, I know... hanggang pangalan lng ang VAIO. But I tried it a while ago. Astig! hahahaha... Sana ipaubaya nya na saken yun. Core i3 quad processor, Win7 na sha. Although generic ng Microsoft yung VidCard pwede na rin. I tried to play a game at di rin masama. Full keyboard pa kasama yung numpad, pero di sha ganong kalaki. Basta astig. Black ang kulay, bagay saken. My favorite LOL korny hahaha.

Sayang kasi di pala nila dinaanan sa Mandaluyong yung PS3. T_T di naman yun nagagamit dun. Sana nakapag laro na ko kasi me pambili na ko ng PS3 games ngayon. Dati kasi wala pa ko trabaho eh hahaha.

Tapos pag dating ko kagabi dumeretso ko ng Robinson's Dasma kasi nag gogrocery pala sila. Tapos ayun nakakatawa kasi nagbabalak bumili ng LCD TV. Goodluck na lang sa presyo. Sabi ng tatay ko, sa pasko nlng daw or bandang December kasi yung mga new models biglang nirerelease sa season na yun. As if bibili kame ng latest. @_@ akala ko ba negosyo uunahin? Baket parang nauuna na naman ang mga luho ahahaha. Bahala sila.

Tapos last night, since hindi TV ang pinuntirya nila, pumunta sila sa karaoke/videoke section. Ayun bumili ng joketime na videoke player for around 2.5k. Goodluck! eto pinagpepyestahan na nung mag-asawa sa baba. Nag vivideoke sila. OK lang atleast masaya kahit ologs yung player. Pensonic yung tatak. Diba yun yung imitation ng Panasonic na gawa sa China? ahahaha

At akalain mong pati magulang ko eh naglolokohan pa sa scoring. Sila-sila na nga lang nag kakatuwaan dun nagbobolahan pa sila. hahaha... ewan. At talagang natawa at napamura ako nung narinig ko kumanta ng Cueshe yung tatay ko. Di pa nakuntento at sinundan pa ng Hale at Sugarfree... Tinext ko si JC at iba pa.. sinabi ko ang tungkol sa kalokohang to. Sabi ni JC maglalaslas daw sha pag kumanta ng kPOP tatay ko. Punyeta biglang yun yung next song na nilagay ng tatay ko, "NOBODY".

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