Home Sweet Home

Ahhhh... here I am. I found myself relaxing this very afternoon at our very own residence, the province of Dasmariñas, Cavite. Well, technically it was declared City of Dasmariñas already but to me it's still the place for a home sweet home.

The cool breeze, the windy atmosphere, and the fresh air, how I love them all. I came into my senses again and it made me think, I'd rather live here than stay at that drastic City of Manila. Noisy streets, polluted air, heavy traffic, name it! There is an abundance of those things there.

SM Dasmariñas Mall
Qubo Qabana (Nearby Resort)
Before, I was actually objecting at my parents decision to live here. It's only now that I realize, this is really better than city life. As long as there is a community and not pure jungle, it's pretty much everything to me. I have my internet connection, a cellphone, a TV service, electricity, nearby malls, restaurants, and a couple of resorts, pretty much enough for me to enjoy this place. It's even near Tagaytay. And Laguna is also just at a close distance so whenever we need to go somewhere else for outing, it would be a great choice.

It's much better to stay in a quiet place where you know you'll have peace and you have your family with you. At some point I am far from my city friends, and to be honest I haven't made any friends here yet since we moved more than 5 or 6 years ago, but what the heck? The City "city" is just a couple of kilometers away. A Maximum of 1 and a half hour is the only barrier to the heart of the Metro. From there I can meet up with friends again and do my usual city stuffs. And who knows, maybe not far from now I'll be able to know people from this vicinity, anyway.

I'm actually thinking, is it really worth it? ...to work nor live in the Metro which everyone's been dreaming of? Well, salary is one thing. But if I can find a workplace near this home of mine that will answer all my bills and all my basic necessities, I will not think twice and I'll grab the opportunity 'cause it's much better to be here than there. I should know. I've been there, done that, and Manila life is nothing but a lousy way of living. I'd rather stay here with my folks, live a life and make it worthwhile.

Right now, I'm already thinking of what could possibly make me stay here and earn some without going to the city anymore. I just like it to be my vacation spot or chill spot. I've nothing to do there actually, besides work. And work is toxic out there. If I'd be doing the same thing, Id' better do it here where I have the option to rest my mind at ease and think of nothing else but peace and prosperity. Doesn't sound like me, really. Ha Ha! Salary may not be the same thing, but regarding expenses it actually sums up to the same old shit.

So hopefully I could find something to work this out. Probably I could encourage my brother to establish a small scale business here, or me working here on whatever job I may qualify for. What do you guys think?

... or maybe I should just do what my brother wants me to do... finish my course and graduate. Well, that's one thing I'd love to do. But I will not gamble my chances. There should be a guaranteed way to earn for some money first before I jump to that conclusion. I don't wanna go to school again and wait for my allowance. I wanna earn it myself. They can take care of my school fees but not my allowance. That's too much to bear.

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