Pensonic Videoke Player

There, now my parents are going crazy singing along with this videoke tool. It's not so cool but it's fine. It has a lot of songs, old and new, OPM/POP/and sentimental songs, love songs and a whole lot more. But personally, I wouldn't vote for it. I didn't even vote for it. I'm wondering why they still bought it. They must really be drooling to have a videoke at home. Because most of our neighbors keep on singing every night with their own videoke galore. Well, it's their money anyway. Let them be happy.

I tried it myself and I said, "hmmmm.... pwede na?". It's a midi videoke. No background vocals, midi background music, and sometimes it's delayed. Lyrics overlap the screen. Hmmm it's in China, what else should I expect. It's an imitation of Panasonic if I'm not mistaken, that's why it's called Pensonic.

Fair enough, it has a lot of new songs from 2010. And considering it's made in China, it prioritizes OPM songs. It even has Urbandub songs. LOL... The manual is so frustrating. You'd better study it by yourself and discover how to use it on your own. Don't refer to the manual anymore. You'll just get headaches.

Some of the remote function buttons don't work. LOL. It's just like the videoke that you see on resorts. Yung hinunulugan ng coins. And guess what? This videoke player that we bought has the same characteristics. You can set it up for business. You just need to build a shell LOL.

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