Testing the New HP Printer / Scanner / Copier

We just bought a 3-in-1 hp product yesterday. I was actually looking for a new phone and an LED Samsung monitor when I came across this printer. I remembered I needed a printer, too. While I was canvasing prices and brands, the sales person told me that there is only like a 200 peso difference between a scanner and an all-in-1 product.

He offered me two products (HP and Canon). But I think I like HP better. It's not top of the line among HP products but HP Deskjet F2480 will do. We don't use it for heavy purposes. Just for personal use. And since it's 3-in-1, the price is not that bad. The printer I was planning to buy from canon was just 1 thousand pesos cheaper. Since my brother was looking for a scanner and me looking for a printer, we decided to purchase this one so that we don't need to buy it separately which will definitely cost us more. It's not even that much big of a necessity.

But I just tested it and it seems to be doing its purpose. Hopefully it lasts a long time. I just remembered the sales person offering a 2-year (extended) warranty instead of just 1-year warranty. Because originally it has a year warranty, but he tried to offer us an extended warranty for additional PHP1.2k I guess. He told us it's for a free replacement. Because with a year warranty we can only bring it for repair within the warranty period, but with a 2 year warranty they will replace it with a brand new one if it fails within the 2-year warranty period. LOL, my brother started asking, "why? does it only last for 2 years?" And I thought, "good question, bro!"

Here are some sample scanned pictures
DasmariƱas, Cavite (House in the making)
DasmariƱas, Cavite (House almost done)

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  1. Mine is the same model and could not last even 1 year. I think HP is not what it used to be as brand and quality. Scanning quality of this model is worst than the cheapest chinese noname scanner I've seen. One morning the printer just stopped recognizing the color cartridge. So what is the option? To buy another throw-away HP printer?