Wishes and Dreams

This is the next page of my journal for this day. Man! am I not in the zone for writing my own life again? It's a good thing I'm writing about more sensible stuffs now unlike before. Oh well, that is the past. I know, I know. I'd been an asshole for publishing senseless posts just to rant my nerve-exploding feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Well, it's better than keeping it to myself. Blogging does sometimes help to unload unnecessary vibes in the mind and body, and soul? Whatever...

Right now, I really want to speak out about my wishes. Christmas is coming. A couple of weeks and then poof! there's the one time, big time family reunion again. And this time I'm not so sure anymore if I can attend that big day. Work is toxic and it's limiting my every move. I hate this job actually. But I'm trying to learn how to conquer it so I won't get bored. I love the basic pay anyway. But how I wish I could be free on the day of the family get-together. It really happens only once in a blue moon. And it's only now that my brother's present to celebrate it with us. The problems is, my schedule is with pure uncertainty. Whatever happens, I will absent myself from duty and spend quality time with my family, even if it costs me my job. There're lots of jobs out there. I know that my current company provides good salary and benefits but not much for a good environment. But I should be ready; otherwise, I'll find myself shitting under my bed's comforter. Eww, just kidding!

But I really wish I could find a way to make money out of my outdated skills. That's why I'm doing my best to study on my own again. I'm trying to learn scripts and programming languages I've learned before and those that I haven't even seen in action. I want to get my fingers back to my keyboard and explore that mouse pointer to create a masterpiece and embed it on the web to earn some cash. I just hope it pays off. But it will take a while for me to learn new things again. It's not that simple. Nothing is really easy. It will probably become easy once you get halfway of that halfway, if you know what I mean...

Ahhh... wishes... I wish there was a nearby coffee shop here at our place so I can just sit by and relax with a mug of blended coffee within my reach. Probably Seattle's Best Coffee! And how I wish I have someone to talk to in front of me when I do sit by a coffee shop. I don't wanna play "emo" all of a sudden being all by myself.

Alas! I'm back with my wish for having a simple and normal life. I mean, sitting by a coffee shop ain't that much of a complex life. I've always wanted things to be just as simple as they were. Then there was this past 3 years of my life when I wanted everything to be so complicated. Ahhh the headache of making those things come to life. Just wanted to make things simple again. And I'm glad that I'm contented with aspirations like that.

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