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Sinubukan ko gamitin yung Google Translate sa blog ko. Tawa ako ng tawa kasi parang pinaghalong Kris Aquino at Melanie Marquez yung translation.

I tried the Google Translate on my own blog. I just thought of how my blog will appear if I translate it in English using Google translate. I just thought of my English-speaking readers (as if). How will they understand my nonsense ideas if my blog is in Filipino. So I tried the translate button on one of my Tagalog blogs and here is the result:
I've tried all styles of coffee flavoring but really I bet I can buy 3-in-1 or so eh yung ready made coffee for me to enjoy. So I often hang of coffee shops eh. Because I fond of coffee but I know lintek to blend in accordance with the wish of the tongue. Only once have I commend the blend of coffee, when I thought of coffee blend aunt of ex-girlfriend when I was his mother's funeral Maricel Soriano. I'm really nervous todo nun. I thought maybe more I do not accept the family when they do wrong coffee blend. Pouring it, pouring there, this blend, blend there. Tantsa-tantsa only. No exact dimensions.Neither-I do not know if sweet, fatty, salty, and what-what more can taste the flavor combined to make the mixture. When it comes to the table I was lucky, shame I reached the coffee mixture. They all looked as if sinisibat saken me with their eyes. I also dodged a lot of weight so I'm not injured. (The moment of truth that is!) Tita tasted that the mysterious mixture of coffee that I have no aaalinlangan. SssSSuppp ...I will hear will hear that she made the first sip of my masterpiece.

"OK ... Can you? All right ..." These are the words which he dropped. Smiles I do not know smile excited, nervous, scared, nagigimbal, or any emotion that creeps into my mind. "Nagjojoke ba to?", Within just converted. I want to vomit that those beans tinitimpla I wrote that, then passed him. Halleluja!

First Chapter
... continuation of the Second
Amazing how it can translate most texts especially those words that are deep in Filipino language. "Not bad", I told myself. It's really not a perfect translation from the original context but most texts are understandable. It's just that most of them really sound funny and disturbing. I laughed my ass out when I came to this part: "OK ... Can you? All right ..."The original text is "OK... Pwede na! Tama lang..." which means it's good enough, it's alright. I laughed so hard thinking where the translation "Can you?" came from. It even changed the punctuation from exclamation to a question mark. LOL

The best translation so far in this quote is the First Chapter, continuation of the second. I guess, for this translation to work itself out, the writer must use the correct Filipino tense, exact grammar and spelling, and also the terms to be used should be exactly as how the writer would want to convey it to the readers. For that reason, it won't really work with me. Because I still want to convey my message according to how I wrote it.

But I tried this translation before on other non-english websites but it works fine, much better. Maybe because it's a corporate site and all terms and words used to create the basic grammar is just exactly how Google Translate understands it.

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