One Year

I didn't even realized that it had already been one year last Monday, November 22, 2010. This is the day it all fell apart. I was so busy with work I can't think of anything anymore except for earning my way back to school.
"It's been a year", when the clock strikes 10.
This was her text message that night when I left her after getting the things that I needed from her (catalogue/magazines for our business). I waived goodbye without even realizing that that important date has a big impact to her. I felt so insensitive as I waited for a bus to ride back home.

A simple talk would do, or I should have just let the day pass without coming to her. I really feel sad 'cause I know she'll feel 10x more than how I feel about how sad she is. It was another speechless day for me; not knowing what to say or what to think...

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