The Poker Set

I didn't even know that we have one. I just saw it yesterday lying down the couch. I was looking at this briefcase and I was actually wondering what it was. It looked like a box of gadgets to me at first. I didn't even try to wonder anymore when that hit my head. My brother is a gadget freak; well, sort of.

Then when I pass by the couch again, he opened it. And there I saw a gold mine. LOL, I was really surprised to see this box of chips. Yes! poker chips! not chocolate chips, not banana chips, not Mr. chips, but poker chips! And when I saw it, I was like, "Holy Cow!? Where did that come from?" I didn't really even bother to ask anymore. I was just excited to see it in front of me. We were planning to have that a long time ago, and now it's just in front of me without prior notice. Maybe they bought it while I was at work the whole week. Tssss!! Crazy and weird, but glorifying...

So after that dazzling moment (LOL), I took the briefcase and went upstairs to actually take pictures of it. Am I on drugs? I'm actually taking pictures of a poker set, is that even reasonable? Nah, I was just excited to have one. I was even thinking, I couldn't even get to play it because of my job. I never get to stay at home. But this is really something, especially when my friends get here, we can play. Yes! I can only imagine! No more FaceBook pokers, Uh-uh...

Come to think of it, I was never really a poker genius nor a poker player. But actually when I learned the rules of the game and started playing it, I got hooked to it. It's cool, I know. That's why I've searched for online poker games. Although I don't really play with big money involved. As much as possible I just wanted a friendly game. But that's the problem. The excitement of this game wears off if there're no bets. So let's put some penny on the table and the real strategy pop out of our minds.

The game is simple. It's similar to my favorite card game is pusoy dos. It also goes along with the rules of pusoy when it comes to card combinations. In these traditional games that I've learned when I was younger, you need to have a combination of 5 cards which is the same with poker wherein you need to have a combination of 5 cards also.

With poker, you will be given 2 cards. Only you should see it and of course you should not share it with seatmates; or else, what kind of card game is that? (LOL) Alright, then the dealer will place 5 cards on the table. First, he or she will lay 3 cards, then the fourth, then the fifth... When one or two of your cards made a combination with any of the 5 cards that the dealer placed on the table, you're lucky! You're one lucky bastard!

Oh well, I don't really want to detail everything on this blog. I just got excited to find out that we have our own poker set now. No need to dream about it anymore.

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