Sony Bravia BX3 32"

 They just called me to come home because they were waiting for my SMAC. I wondered why. They told me they were going to buy a TV at the SM mall of DasmariƱas. Then I thought, "Wow! Something awesome is going to happen!"

We just bought a Sony Bravia BX3 32" LCD TV a few days ago. Didn't really like it since it was only 1080i. It's an HD-ready flat-screen TV but I was aiming for the Samsung full-HD. It was pretty evident even at the store itself when they were doing a preview of how picture quality was. Samsung definitely has better picture quality, aside from it's a 1080p 32" LCD TV.

Why 32" in the first place? Well, to start with, that's the only TV-width that will fit our TV rack. There're no other place in the house were we can hang it and we'd get a better view while watching so we just decided to put it on the old TV rack that we have. It fits exactly onto the rack. We can't even press the side buttons of the TV anymore. Good thing there's a remote, but it's not UHF so if something blocks the IR, it doesn't work.

I was so concerned about the picture quality. They didn't listen to me. It was their money anyway so I said, "OK! It's still a Sony so I think it's alright." It should be alright. When we got home they set it up. They tried it with the baron antenna first and I thought how can they expect that TV to render good quality picture with that? It still depends on the input.

Next, they tried to watch a film. It wasn't original but it seems OK, though you can see it's still pixelated, just like what I told them. Unlike when they did the demo with Samsung, even if it wasn't an original film, it has better picture quality. And now my father seems to be a bit disappointed. Oh well, I don't want to give anymore comments.

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