Teriyaki Boy Food Trip

Yesterday before I went home to Dasma, two of my friends invited me to join them for a quick lunch. And because I was craving for Japanese cuisine, they brought me to Teriyaki Boy. It's been a while since I visited one of their branches. And that time yesterday, we ate at Glorietta, Makati.

I even looked dumb when I was waiting for the door to open because it was a sliding door. Didn't notice that it wasn't automatic. There was a small push button at the semi-knob of the sliding door and it says "push to open."

It got me right there! I felt so dumb after that one. I just touched the surface of the button because i thought it was sensitive. It was a flat button, anyway. But it didn't open. It needs to be pushed harder. LOL. Really broke down right there. I felt like eyes were looking at what we were doing. Ha ha!

Then we made it inside. "Table for three?", the receptionist said. Then we headed to a table near the corner and of course -- near the condiments. LOL I didn't even know why.

And here is a list of what we ordered:

2 Bottomless Iced Tea
1 Teriyaki Boy Bento w/ Bottomless Coke
1 Curry Beef Tepanyaki
1 California Roll (8 pcs)
1 Magure Sashime (8 pcs)

I can't really remember what Czar ordered. And this receipt that I took a picture of is so blurred.

But in total, that's P1,346.00. And I really didn't know how it happened. We all did gave an exact amount except for Mitch. She gave a 500 peso bill. And her change was supposed to be just P37.00, but we had an extra 100 Peso bill in the table when they collected the payment. Weird~ that's when I started teasing them, "Who gave a senior citizen discount coupon?" Hahaha...

But who gives a damn about that anyway. It's actually a good thing we saved a hundred pesos for that food trip. Save it for later for taxi purposes.

Going back to the food, well of course what else can you expect from this restaurant. It's actually one of my favorite food house. Superbly delicious! I was even worried at first that my order wasn't good for one person. But in the end It was even good for two ^_^. That's why I ended up bloated when we exited the place.

It sure was a spectacular food trip. I want to do that again. Pricey, but worth it!

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  1. Hi there!:) Just wanna share my experience as well. I got a chance to eat at Teriyaki boy here in SM Cagayan de Oro last year just for a try. It's indeed pricey!haha! Good thing I brought extra cash with me.